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Boehner Column: Protecting All Americans from ObamaCare and Keeping the Government Open

Oct 1, 2013

- Today, Congressman John Boehner (R-West Chester) released the following column discussing House Republicans’ efforts to keep the government open and protect all Americans from ObamaCare:

“As I travel around our district and the country, I hear from Americans who are concerned about their jobs and health care costs.  One of the reasons is the president’s health care law.

“Already, ObamaCare is driving up costs and nobody knows what the rules are.  Here in Ohio individual premiums are expected to spike 88 percent for individuals, and I continue to hear from employers who are scared to death to hire new employees.  Others, like Kroger foods, have announced they are dropping coverage.

“Many are speaking out.  The Dayton Daily News reports local small businesses – including James Lagos of Lagos & Lagos, a Springfield property management company – are talking about the skyrocketing costs they’re facing under ObamaCare.

“‘I thought I was always part of the solution by providing this benefit to my employees,’ Lagos told the Daily News. ‘Now my premiums are going to go up because of the actions of the federal government, and that hurts me.’

“In a separate report, WDTN-Dayton spoke with small businesses voicing similar concerns.

“‘Well the biggest thing I’ve learned about the Affordable Care Act is it’s certainly not affordable,’ Steve Staub, owner of Staub Manufacturing, said. Facing rate hikes of up to nearly 20 percent, Staub told WDTN he was informed by his insurance company that the increases are ‘strictly to get ready for Obamacare.’

“Clearly this law is not ready for prime time.  In fact, a recent non-partisan Congressional Research Service study determined that ObamaCare has missed half of its legal deadlines.

“Even the Obama administration knows the law is hurting the economy and making it harder for businesses to hire.  This past summer, the president admitted as much when he decided to give big businesses an exemption from the law’s employer mandate altogether. 

“This was an important step, but it didn’t go nearly far enough.  It left families and individuals on the hook.  That’s why, in the House, Republicans have been working to protect all Americans from this train wreck of a law. 

“With more of the law scheduled to go into effect on October 1 and a government funding deadline looming, House Republicans spent much of the past few weeks fighting to stop this law from exacting further harm on our economy. 

“In recent days we’ve passed measure after measure to keep the government up and running while defunding, dismantling and delaying the law.  Sadly, at every turn Senate Democrats refused to work with us.  They even rejected a simple bill to delay the individual mandate and get rid of the exemption for Members of Congress.

“How do we give a break to big businesses and others, and yet stick families and individuals with a bill that they don’t want and a bill that they can’t afford?

“That’s what this fight is all about.  It’s a basic matter of fairness.

“So late Monday night, we passed one additional measure in an effort to resolve our differences with Senate Democrats.  We moved to go to conference committee – the process our Founders set up to resolve differences between the House and Senate. 

“Senate Democrats still insist they won’t negotiate, but this isn’t about us.  It’s about treating the American people the way we would want to be treated.   

“I can’t tell you how things will get sorted out in the days ahead, but I do know this: House Republicans are committed to keeping the government open and ensuring basic fairness for all Americans under ObamaCare.  It will be up to Senate Democrats to earn their paychecks, appoint conferees and get to work.”  


Boehner represents Ohio’s 8th District, which includes all of Butler, Clark, Darke, Miami, and Preble counties, and the southernmost part of Mercer County. He was first elected to Congress in 1990.


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