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Contact: Brittany Bramell

Speaker Boehner: A Mere Two-Month Extension of Payroll Tax Cut May Hamper Job Creation

Dec 22, 2011


At a press conferences with Republican leaders and House payroll tax cut negotiators today, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) reiterated that the Senate-passed, short-term payroll tax cut extension is burdensome and unworkable for American job creators, and will not provide the level of tax relief American families need in this struggling economy.  Speaker Boehner once again called on Senate Democrats to work with Republicans on a long-term extension and “solve this problem so that American workers don’t see their taxes go up in January.” Following are video and text of Speaker Boehner’s remarks.  

“Yesterday, I spoke with President Obama. I urged him to call on Senator Reid to work with us to finish this bill that will provide for one year of tax relief for American workers.  I told the President there’s one big reason why we need to do a full-year, and that’s jobs.

        “A one-year bill – like the President requested and like the House produced – is simply better for jobs and better for our economy.  A one-year bill provides, on average, about $1,000 for American workers, as opposed to the Senate bill which would provide a measly $166.  As importantly, a one-year bill would provide certainty for American employers as they begin to plan for next year.  A two month extension only perpetuates the uncertainty that too many employers already have in dealing with the economy and what’s coming out of Washington. 

        “Listen, I used to run a small business.  I can tell you that the language in the Senate bill will hurt small businesses.  The Senate [bill] only goes for two months, but businesses send their taxes in – write the check, I used to write the check to the IRS – but it’s done on a quarterly basis. And so, you’re going to have a couple of months of this, and another month of this, trying to figure out what your obligation is is going to be difficult.  And secondly, the paperwork requirements and the programming requirements contained in the Senate bill will make it virtually impossible for those who provide payroll services to do the job that employers hire them to do. 

        “The fact is, we can do better.  Americans are still asking the question, ‘where are the jobs?’ It’s time for us to sit down and have a serious negotiation, solve this problem, so that American workers don’t see their taxes go up in January.”



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