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Administration Caught Exaggerating Impact of More Failed “Stimulus” Spending

Oct 20, 2011


Republicans are looking for common ground and trying to work with the president on pro-growth reforms that remove government barriers to private-sector job growth. The House has already passed several bipartisan jobs bills and there are more on the way. The White House, on the other hand, is selling the American people another “stimulus” fairy tale -- and they’re not buying it.

FactCheck.org caught the Administration exaggerating the impact of another round of “stimulus” proposals. Remember, the Obama Administration touted its last failed “stimulus” with big predictions of millions of jobs “saved or created” and an unemployment rate that wouldn’t rise above eight percent. Those predictions were a bust – approximately 1.2 million American jobs have been lost since the “stimulus” was enacted in 2009.

Now, on his campaign-style road trip, AP says President Obama is telling audiences that “independent economists” believe his plan would “create nearly 2 million jobs next year.” Not so, says FactCheck.org.

Per FactCheck.org, the “median estimate in a survey of 34 economists showed 288,000 jobs could be saved or created over two years under the president’s plan” – far from two million next year alone. And far from the “130,000 jobs each month” – or roughly 1.5 million jobs per year – the New York Times says are needed “just to keep pace with new workers entering the market.”

The Administration made big “stimulus” predictions last time and we ended up with fewer jobs; now it’s making the same big claims for the same kind of “stimulus” spending proposals. No wonder a “majority of Americans don’t believe” President Obama’s plan “will help lower the unemployment rate” – and now blame the president “for the nation’s economic problems.”

While much of it amounts to another “stimulus” sugar high, there are provisions in the president’s jobs plan that Republicans support (outlined here), and the House is voting to enact those bipartisan initiatives into law. The American people want both parties to work together, find common ground, and remove the government obstacles holding back job creators. That’s exactly what the House is doing. Read more about the GOP jobs plan, and track House-passed jobs bills, at jobs.GOP.gov.

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