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Getting “Through the Election” Is a Popular White House Strategy

Jul 25, 2011


Treasury Secretary Geithner told Fox News Sunday the Obama Administration wants to raise the debt limit – without strings attached to ensure spending is being cut as the debt ceiling is raised – to help them get “through the election.”

Avoiding tough choices and accountability seems to be a popular strategy for this White House. Consider what else the Democrats running Washington have delayed to help the Administration get “through the election”:

Many of the worst ObamaCare provisions … For all of the uncertainty ObamaCare’s maze of mandates and penalties has already caused job creators, Democrats made sure many of the worst provisions within the president’s health care law do not go into effect until after the 2012 election. In the years to follow, taxes rise, the unconstitutional “individual mandate” takes effect, and more. But even that wasn’t enough to avoid political pain – the Administration has had to issue more than 1,300 waivers that are “good through 2013” and exempt millions of Americans from ObamaCare mandates. Surveys show a majority of likely voters support GOP efforts to repeal the health care law (a key part of the Pledge to America).

A massive tax hike on families and small businesses … When Democrats still had commanding majorities in the House and the Senate, Republicans successfully stopped the president from imposing a massive tax hike on families and small businesses on January 1, 2011. But while Republicans fought for a permanent solution, President Obama simply delayed the tax hikes until 2013. Recent surveys show the American people oppose tax hikes “in a big way,” according to US News.

In addition to delaying implementation of job-crushing policies to avoid accountability in 2012, the Administration has delayed and threatened to veto proposals that would spur job growth … that are opposed by its liberal allies.

For example, President Obama has imposed a de facto moratorium on offshore energy and threatened to veto reforms passed by the House that would create new jobs by expanding energy production and eliminating policies that drive up prices.

And now, instead of working with Republicans to stop the spending binge and prevent a national default, the White House wants to raise the debt limit, allow the binge continue, and delay making any tough choices that would prevent this debt crisis from happening again.

Congressman Boehner and Republicans have said repeatedly: the only way the president will get his debt limit increase is if the proposal does not raise taxes and includes spending reforms and cuts that exceed the debt limit hike (the principles underlying the “Cut, Cap, and Balance” bill that passed the House). More important than getting “through the election” is stopping Washington from spending money it doesn’t have and creating a better environment for long-term job growth. The American people get this; do the Democrats running Washington.

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