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Contact: Brittany Bramell

Congressman Boehner: Republicans Are Fighting For The Largest Possible Spending Cuts

Mar 31, 2011


Congressman John Boehner (R-West Chester) once again urged Senate Democrats to pass a bill or produce a credible plan to cut spending and keep the government running for the rest of the fiscal year. Boehner noted that it’s been 40 days since the House passed H.R. 1, and said that Republicans will “continue to fight for the largest spending cuts that we can get” to help create a better environment for private sector job growth. Watch Boehner here and read his full remarks below:

“Let me start with an important issue that is facing the American people every day, and that’s rising gas prices. I was interested yesterday to see the president talk about this issue.  But I think he left me with more questions than he did answers. Why, just days after vowing to buy more oil from Brazil, would the president urge a reduction in oil imports? And why would he be so enthusiastic about Brazil exploring its natural resources while the Administration does everything in its power to block energy production here at home?

“Here in the House, we’ve got a clear plan to develop job-creating, homegrown energy and stop the policies that are driving up gas prices.  And it’s called the American Energy Initiative. This week, the Natural Resources Committee put forward three strong proposals to expand American energy production. The Energy & Commerce Committee passed a bill that would prevent the EPA from imposing a backdoor energy tax.  And the Majority Leader said it will come up for a vote soon. 

“This is important because when we’re talking about energy, we’re not talking about just high gas prices, we’re also talking about American jobs. By expanding American energy production, we can create more jobs, lower costs, and reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

“Just as our work on energy is about jobs, so is our effort to end the spending binge here in Washington. Excessive government spending is creating uncertainty for small businesses, reducing confidence, and crowding out private investment that’s needed to create jobs in our country. 

“It’s now been 40 days since the House passed H.R. 1, which keeps the government open & cuts spending for the rest of this fiscal year. Forty days, and Senate Democrats still have not passed a bill or come up with a credible plan to reduce spending.

“And I think it’s important for the American people to understand how we got here.

“Last spring, the Democrat majority failed to pass a budget, in the House or the Senate.  They thought they could just leave spending on autopilot. Earlier this year, when we made it clear that we would listen to the American people and cut spending, Senate Democrats started their negotiations with ‘no, we’re going to have any spending cuts at all.’ Well we passed a straightforward bill to cut spending, and did it through an open process. And still, Senate Democrats did nothing.

“Then we passed $10 billion in spending cuts over the last five weeks. Still, no plan from the Senate, and no bill, only rhetoric portraying the American people as ‘extreme.’ Here’s the bottom line: Democrats are rooting for a government shutdown. We’re listening to the people who sent us here to cut spending so we can grow our economy.

“As I’ve said from the beginning, our goal is to cut spending, not shut down the government.  You’ve heard a lot of talk over the last 24 hours.  There’s no agreement on numbers, and nothing will be agreed to until everything is agreed to. We control one-half of one-third of the government here, but we’re going to continue to fight for the largest spending cuts that we can get to keep the government open and funded through the balance of this fiscal year.”

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