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Contact: Cory Fritz

GOP Leaders Urge President Obama to Stop Creating Economic Uncertainty & Work With Business Community

Jul 15, 2010

- Congressman John Boehner (R-West Chester) and House Republican Whip Eric Cantor (VA) today sent the letter below to President Barack Obama pleading with him to start to listen to and seek input from experienced business people small and large, and once again asking to work together to get Americans back to work:

July 15, 2010

The Honorable Barack Obama
President of the United States
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Mr. President,

Today 14.6 million Americans are unemployed. And with the average duration of unemployment at 35.2 weeks, it is unlikely that many of these individuals will find work quickly. We share your oft-stated desire to do everything possible to get Americans back to work. But Mr. President, not all proposed solutions are equal. That is why we believe it is imperative that we listen to the business owners, especially the small business owners, who are the engine of job creation in this country.

The job creators in our districts are not telling us that they need a new "cap and trade" national energy tax or new regulations on carbon. They are not suggesting that it would be a good trade-off to increase government stimulus spending to be paid for by new taxes on small business owners and investors. They are not telling us that they think a 2,300-plus page “comprehensive” financial regulation bill would have prevented the financial collapse, nor will it avert another one

Instead, they have suggested to us for months now that the biggest obstacle to economic recovery and job creation is the policy uncertainty created by Washington. Small business owners don’t know what their effective tax rate will be in January. Business owners of all sizes don’t know what to expect from the next wave of government regulations. Investors and lenders, who are essential to getting credit moving again, don’t know what the new rules will be and cannot calculate their return on investment.

Based on our conversations with our colleagues in the House, we are convinced that the sentiments expressed by our constituents are similar to those being expressed around the country.

Mr. President, last December, in addition to urging that immediate bipartisan action be taken to rein in federal spending to boost the economy, we provided you with a “no cost jobs plan” that focused on removing regulatory barriers to job creation, providing some tax certainty for employers, and implementing modest steps to ease the availability of credit for businesses. As you may recall, you expressed interest in some of these ideas, especially with respect to regulations. You asked for additional information which we provided you on December 21st.

More recently, the Business Roundtable and other employers, including small businesses, have provided your Administration with similar information about the impact of uncertainty and regulations on job creation. We were dismayed, however, when your spokesman seemed to dismiss a question about whether or not the Administration would reevaluate its policies based on the input being received from job creators.

Given the severe crisis of confidence among our job creators, it is incumbent upon us to work together to implement competitive policies that give our businesses a clear grasp of the rules of the road. The prevailing agenda in Washington is not producing a satisfactory result, and we owe it to the 14.6 million unemployed Americans to look at every possible avenue to create private sector jobs. For this reason, House Republicans will meet this Friday with representatives from America’s private sector employer community to discuss current barriers to job creation as part of America Speaking Out, our effort to engage the American people and produce a new national policy agenda.

While we regret that your administration spurned our previous offer, and we continue to be disappointed with your decision not to work with us to make immediate reductions in spending, we would like to reissue House Republicans’ call to work together with you to implement the no-cost jobs plan. The contents of the proposal are very simple and rooted in common sense. For instance, we would block all tax increases at least until unemployment ticks down to 5 percent; implement languishing free-trade agreements with Colombia, South Korea and Panama; and halt all new rules and regulations deemed harmful to job creation.

In addition, we must also give serious consideration to the proposals being submitted by individuals with actual experience creating private-sector jobs. That is why we urge you to convene a meeting of the relevant members of your cabinet, those Administration officials in charge of regulatory review (including those charged with ensuring that regulations do not negatively impact small business, such as the Small Business Advocate), along with representatives of businesses small and large to discuss what can be done to remove the policy uncertainty facing job creators and minimize or eliminate the regulatory barriers to job creation.

The American people want us to work together to enact policies that will support private-sector job creation, rather than discourage it. Republicans stand ready to work with you and your administration to make such policies a reality. Thank you for your consideration of these requests.

___________________________      _____________________________
John Boehner                                       Eric Cantor
Republican Leader                               Republican Whip


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