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Contact: Cory Fritz

Boehner: “Why Can’t We Start Cutting Spending Right Now?”

May 24, 2010

- Congressman John Boehner (R-West Chester) responded to reports that President Obama will propose legislation that, if passed by Congress and enacted into law, would eventually force Congress to vote on cutting unnecessary spending:

“We’re pleased President Obama is interested in demonstrating fiscal discipline, but he already has the authority to force Congress to consider spending cuts immediately and Republicans have been inviting him to use it for months.  With our national debt nearing $13 trillion and Democrats on the verge of adding another $200 billion to the deficit, why can’t we start cutting wasteful Washington spending right now, as Republicans have sought to do with the
YouCut initiative?  Instead, President Obama continues to put off this important work, missing critical opportunities to stop the out-of-control spending spree that economists say is hurting our economy and slowing the creation of new jobs.  The President’s fiscal commission, which won’t even report its recommendations until December, is a prime example of this lackluster ‘kick the can’ approach.  Americans want immediate, decisive action to end Washington’s out-of-control spending spree.

“If President Obama is truly committed to fiscal responsibility, he will use the authority he already has under the law to force Congress to vote immediately on spending cuts.  He should also call on Democrats in Congress to pass a real budget that reins in overall federal spending.  The House has never failed to pass a budget in the modern era, and its failure to do so now would signal that America is ill-prepared for its growing fiscal crisis.”  

NOTE: On February 4, Boehner and House Republican Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) sent a
letter to President Obama inviting him to use his authority under the law to force Congress to consider spending cuts immediately, and pledging to support him should he choose to do so.  Boehner and Cantor renewed their request in a meeting with President Obama at The White House on February 9.  Having not heard back from the President, Boehner and Cantor sent a follow-up letter on May 4.


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