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Contact: Cory Fritz

Boehner Statement on McChrystal Report on Afghanistan

Sep 21, 2009


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman John Boehner (R- West Chester) issued the following statement today following news reports in The Washington Post about the assessment from General Stanley McChrystal on Afghanistan and the need for more troops to prevent al Qaeda and the Taliban from re-establishing safe havens there:

        “General McChrystal’s assessment makes clear that we need additional troops to implement an effective counterinsurgency strategy to secure Afghanistan against a radical, terrorist threat – a mission President Obama endorsed in March before General McChrystal became Commander of U.S. and NATO forces there. Our goals are clear: it is critically important that we deny al Qaeda and the Taliban a safe haven from which to plan and execute more attacks on Americans and our allies. 

        "I am deeply troubled, however, by reports that the White House is delaying action on the General’s request for more troops and questioning its strategy after the President endorsed ‘an integrated civilian-military counterinsurgency strategy’ six months ago.  If these reports are accurate, and General McChrystal believes that without timely reinforcements our efforts in that country may end in failure, then the Obama Administration must act quickly to give him the resources he needs to achieve our goals. It’s time for the President to clarify where he stands on the strategy he has articulated, because the longer we wait the more we put our troops at risk.

        “I also believe it’s important that the American people and Members of Congress hear directly from General McChrystal about the situation on the ground, and soon.  General Petraeus’ testimony before Congress about his strategy for stabilizing Iraq and achieving success there was critical in helping Congress make informed decisions, and I believe testimony from General McChrystal would provide similar value regarding Afghanistan today."

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