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Congressman Boehner tours The Shepherd Color Company in West Chester, a manufacturer of inorganic pigments.

To boost private sector job creation and end the legacy of debt being passed on to our children and grandchildren, we need a smaller, less costly and more accountable government.

When they rushed their trillion-dollar “stimulus” through Congress, President Obama and Washington Democrats promised that it would create jobs immediately and hold the unemployment rate below eight percent.  Unfortunately, in Ohio, and across much of the Eighth Congressional District, unemployment remains too high.
The policies of the Obama Administration – out-of-control government spending, excessive regulations on small businesses, unnecessary barriers to responsible production of American-made energy, and the constant threat of increased taxes on private-sector job creators – continue to present a great challenge to economic growth in the United States.

And the Democrats who run Washington refuse to listen to the American people, who are still asking “where are the jobs?”

Our economy is likely to continue to sputter until those government-imposed obstacles to growth are removed and replaced with a pro-growth strategy that gets government out of the way of small businesses. My colleagues and I in the U.S. House of Representatives have offered a plan that would begin to put our country on such a path. Our plan would reduce spending, reform the tax code, stop excessive regulations on small businesses (like ObamaCare), and expand American energy production.

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