Boehner Statement on Ohio’s ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers

Today, Congressman John Boehner (R- West Chester) issued the following statement in response to the recently-released ObamaCare enrollment numbers in Ohio:

“From the thousands of comments, calls and emails I have received from the people in our local area sharing horror stories about their experiences with the president’s health care law, I can tell you with confidence that the law is not gaining acceptance in our region, or even coming close to gaining acceptance.  Whether it’s higher premiums and costs for small businesses and their workers, less access and fewer benefits for seniors, or widespread security risks for exchange users, hardworking families can’t catch a break under the president’s health care law.  The truth is, we don’t know how many of these Ohioans lost the health coverage they liked or the doctor they preferred because they couldn’t ‘keep it’ under ObamaCare, nor do we know how many of these Ohioans were forced to enroll in a government-approved plan they didn’t want that offers fewer options and limited care.  We don’t know the answers to these questions because the Obama administration doesn’t want the public to know.

“People around here are smarter than that.  For example, take Kaivac Cleaning Systems in Hamilton.  President Bob Robinson, Sr., recently told me that he couldn’t imagine starting up Kaivac today with policies like the president’s health care law getting in the way.  The president’s health care law is another punch in the gut for our local businesses and neighbors who are already struggling in the president’s economy.  And the truth is you can’t fix this law – it needs to be torn out by its roots.  As long as this law is around and making things worse, we’re going to keep fighting it.” 


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