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State Rebellion Against Job-Killing ObamaCare Law Growing Stronger
Posted by Press Office on November 10, 2010 | comments
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The state rebellion against ObamaCare, which started last March in Virginia and grew to include twenty other states plus the National Federation of Independent Business, will only grow stronger next year.  With only one in six Americans content with the Democrats’ job-killing government takeover of health care, it was only inevitable that the Administration and Washington Democrats would continue to face resistance from states.

Pam Bondi, Florida’ Attorney General-Elect, noted in an appearance on Fox News’ On the Record w/ Greta Van Susteren that “we could have a total of 28 states joining in this lawsuit” against the unconstitutional, job-killing mandates in ObamaCare.  Those states include: Oklahoma, Ohio, Kansas, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Maine, and California.   

As Professor Ilya Somin noted in the Richmond Times-Dispatch on Sunday: “When 21 states and several private groups initiated lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of the Obama health care law earlier this year, critics denounced the suits as frivolous political grandstanding. But it is increasingly clear that the plaintiffs have a serious case with a real chance of victory.”  

It’s not just the states that are revolting against ObamaCare, though.  In the House of Representatives, the new Republican majority has vowed to “repeal and replace” ObamaCare.  As Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR), the Chairman of the GOP Majority Transition Committee, said on Fox News last night: 
We are going to do everything we can to repeal and replace the health care bill.  This is a job-killing law.  We know that from the Congressional Budget Office, we know that from Suffolk University, both of whom said 780,000 jobs can be lost.  Let’s get health care reform that doesn’t cost jobs and can bend down the cost curve.  This new law does neither of that.

Whether it’s in the Congress or in the states, ObamaCare and its job-killing employer mandate will be challenged relentlessly.  And it’s not a moment too soon, because Kaiser Health News reported today that ObamaCare’s job-killing employer mandate will lead small businesses, responsible for more than 60 percent of all new jobs in America, to drop health care coverage all together, leaving employers with the choice of hiring fewer people, dropping coverage, or both: 
One of the most fundamental ideas in the new health law is that employers should offer health insurance to their workers, or else they would have to pay a penalty, beginning in 2014.  The fear has been that many businesses would opt for ‘or else,’ leaving their workers searching for coverage....Twenty percent [of small businesses] - one-fifth - told Mercer they are ‘likely’ to stop offering health plans once people have the option of buying insurance from state-run exchanges, virtual marketplaces.

With the “invisible” unemployment rate above 11 percent and “five unemployed workers available for every job opening,” according to the New York Times, it’s imperative that the states and Congress do everything their power to stop the job-killing mandates in ObamaCare.  

Republicans have listened to Americans, who have been asking “where are the jobs?”and offered better solutions in the Pledge to America, including extending all the current tax rates, cutting spending back to pre-“stimulus,” pre-bailout levels, and repealing and replacing ObamaCare.  Read more here: GOP.gov/pledge or visit the Pledge Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/PledgeToAmerica.
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