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Dodge City: House Dems Driven Out Of Town by Unpopular, Job-Killing Agenda
Posted by Press Office on December 16, 2009 | comments
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Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and House Democrats are getting out of Dodge today, and really, who can blame them?  Double-digit unemployment, red ink as far as the eye can see, and permanent bailouts are not what the American people were promised at the beginning of this year.  At a time when Washington Democrats’ job-killing agenda is more unpopular than ever, no relief is in sight:

Out of touch.  If there’s one thing the American people want out of health care, it’s lower costs, and Democrats’ job-killing government takeover will actually raise costs and pile more debt on our kids and grandkids. 

Out of ideas.  Americans are asking “where are the jobs” and all Democrats have to offer is more ineffective government “stimulus” spending paid for by borrowing from China and the Middle East

Out of money.  Democrats have raided the federal coffers so fast they need to raise the national debt limit in order to keep their unprecedented spending binge going. 


All year long, Republicans have offered better solutions to create jobs and to make Washington do more with less. 

Congressman John Boehner (R-West Chester) said Democrats’ rushed exit strategy is a recognition of how unpopular their job-killing policies have become:

”A year that began with so many promises and so much hype ends with Democrats’ job-killing agenda more unpopular than ever.  Instead of trying a new approach, Democrats are doubling down on government ‘stimulus’ spending that isn’t working and costly policies that will destroy even more jobs.  Worst of all, it’s our kids and grandkids who will have to repay the debt incurred by Democrats’ incompetence.  Out of touch, out of ideas, out of money: that’s what you’re getting from Washington Democrats right now.” 

Dodge City: House Dems Driven Out of Town by Unpopular, Job-Killing Agenda

Majority Opposes Gov’t Takeover of Health Care.
Majority of Americans Still Not Backing Healthcare Bill…[A] new USA Today/Gallup poll finds public support for such efforts still below the majority level. Forty-six percent of Americans say they would advise their member of Congress to vote for healthcare legislation (or lean toward doing so), while 48% would advise a no vote (or lean in that direction).” (Gallup, 12/16/09

“In the poll conducted this month, 51 percent say they oppose the proposed changes to the system; 44 percent approve of them. Two-thirds say the health-care reforms would add to the federal deficit, with two-thirds of those people calling such an increase ‘not worth it.’” (The Washington Post, 12/16/09)

Majority Say Gov’t Takeover of Health Care Will Raise Costs, Increase Deficits. “…[A] new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds the public generally fearful that a revamped system would bring higher costs while worsening the quality of their care.  More than half of those polled, 53 percent, see higher costs for themselves if the proposed changes go into effect than if the current system remains intact.  About as many (55 percent) say the overall cost of the national health-care system would go up more sharply.  Two-thirds say the health-care reforms would add to the federal deficit, with two-thirds of those people calling such an increase ‘not worth it.’” (The Washington Post, 12/16/09)

Majority Disapproves of President Obama’s Handling of Health Care, Economy, and Deficits.  “Obama’s domestic battles have taken their toll, as his approval ratings on key issues have sunk to the lowest points of his presidency. On health care, 53 percent disapprove of his performance, a new high.  On the economy, 52 percent disapprove, also a new high mark in Post-ABC polling.  Same on the deficit, on which 56 percent now disapprove of his stewardship.” (The Washington Post, 12/16/09)



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