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Time for President Obama to Prove His Earmark Ban Support Is Not Just Post-Election Me-Tooism
Posted by Press Office on November 22, 2010

It’s now been five days since White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs confirmed that President Obama supports “an outright ban on earmarks” after questions were raised as to whether that was in fact the case. Unfortunately, the president has yet to call on Democratic Leaders to follow House and Senate Republicans in adopting an earmark ban in the 112th Congress. Of course, it’s not hard to decipher the president’s hesitation, what with Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) offering “no apologies” for his support of earmarking as we know it. For her part, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has fallen silent on earmarks despite declaring in July 2006, “‘I’d get rid of all of them. None of them is worth the skepticism, the cynicism the public has . … and the fiscal irresponsibility of it.”

Under the headline “Earmark foes pressure Obama,” The Washington Times reports on how “newly emboldened earmark foes are calling on President Obama to back up his opposition to pork-barrel spending with action”:

“‘The president really is the lynchpin in all of this,’ said Steve Ellis, vice president of government watchdog group Taxpayers for Common Sense. ‘He can talk to the Senate Democrats and say, 'Hey, it's not like I'm telling you to do something I didn't do when I was in the Senate.' So he has a bit of the moral high ground there.’ … The president has been less interested in standing up to lawmakers when it comes to pork barrel spending projects - despite vowing to crack down on them during his 2008 campaign.”

Meanwhile, support for an earmark ban continues to roll in from editorial boards around the country:

  • Bismarck Tribune: “End the abuse of earmarks. As a new leaf turns in our nation’s capital, let’s take politics out of earmarks and aggressively trim unnecessary federal spending, the kind that benefits limited numbers of people or entities. … Let’s begin the restoration of better ethics, better government.” (Editorial, 11/22/10)
  • Longmont (CO) Times-Call: “Listen to voters, ban the earmarks. … And whatever spending prerogatives they would lose with a ban is outweighed by what American citizens gain in a less corruptible and wasteful system of federal spending. That’s part of what American voters said they wanted earlier this month. They deserve to have it.” (Editorial, 11/19/10)
  • Culpeper Star-Exponent: Republican Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA “understands now is the time to work across party lines to restore fiscal sanity and forge a new direction. A moratorium on earmarks, which Cantor has pushed for since 2006, is a promising start.” (Editorial, 11/21/10)
  • Appleton (WI) Post-Crescent: “The time has come for all of Congress to banish earmark spending from its legislation. At least, that’s what the voters have said.” ( Editorial, 11/19/10)
  • Dallas Morning News: “Here’s a bit of good news for budget hawks. Congress actually may be getting serious about restricting earmarks, spending measures that mysteriously turn up in bills for sometimes dubious projects.” (Editorial, 11/19/10)


Republicans are listening to the people and standing firm on the need to take this and other critical steps to restore public trust. Shortly after House Republicans adopted an earmark ban for the 112th Congress, Speaker-designate John Boehner said, “This earmark ban shows the American people we are listening and we are dead serious about ending business as usual in Washington.” It’s now up to President Obama to prove his support for an earmark ban is serious, and not just post-election me-tooism designed to make up for nearly two years of runaway spending.

Republicans are listening to the people and standing firm on the need to take this and other critical steps to restore public trust. Shortly after House Republicans adopted an earmark ban for the 112th Congress, Speaker-designate John Boehner said, “This earmark ban shows the American people we are listening and we are dead serious about ending business as usual in Washington.” It’s now up to President Obama to prove his support for an earmark ban is serious, and not just post-election me-tooism designed to make up for nearly two years of runaway spending.

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GOP Bans Earmarks: When Will Democrats Listen to the American People?
Posted by Press Office on November 18, 2010
House Republicans today unanimously adopted a resolution offered by Representative-elect Sean Duffy (R-WI) to ban earmarks in the people’s House.  Mr. Duffy will soon represent the same district as current Appropriations Chairman David Obey (D-WI), author of the infamous “stimulus” bill.  But when will congressional Democrats hold a similar vote, and when will President Obama call on them to do so?

Judging by their track record, Democrats may never get around to banning earmarks.  Check out what then-Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said in 2006:
“Ms. Pelosi also spoke out against earmarking billions of dollars for home-state projects, a practice she calls a ‘monster’ that hurts Congress.  If she becomes speaker in the next Congress, she says, she would press to severely reduce earmarks. ‘Personally, myself, I'd get rid of all of them,’ she says.” (The Wall Street Journal, 7/13/06, A4)

Speaker Pelosi and Washington Democrats have had four years to ban earmarks – and never did.  The new Republican majority has already moved to ban earmarks even before the start of the 112th Congress, earning support of support of both House and Senate Republicans, as Reuters recently noted:
Republicans in both the Senate and the House of Representatives have now forsworn earmarks as they eye large spending cuts in the coming year…Though earmarks account for less than one half of a percent of the federal budget, they have become a symbol of wasteful spending for many grassroots Tea Party activists who helped Republicans win big in the November 2 elections.  ‘I think it shows that this conference is serious about doing what it said we were going to be about -- limited government, spending reduction, dealing with the national debt,’ said newly elected Republican Senator Marco Rubio.

With bicameral Republican support of a ban on earmarks, House and Senate Republicans are demonstrating that they are listening to the American people and are serious about restoring trust between the American people and those who are elected to represent them.  As the New York Times noted yesterday, the earmark ban “has quickly emerged as a high-profile if somewhat symbolic test of the willingness of Republicans…to respond to what they see as a message of the midterm elections.”

Contrast that with Washington Democrats, who have refused to consider an earmark ban, as POLITICO reported last evening:
One day after Republicans challenged them to reject earmarks, Senate Democrats huddled behind closed doors Wednesday and held a ‘long discussion’ on the practice as part of a larger debate over how to balance the federal budget and erase mounting debt...But most Democrats defend the practice of funneling federal dollars to pet projects in their home states.

Yesterday, White House Press Secretary said the President supported the Republicans’ earmark ban:
Q: And real quick on the earmarks, on the earmarks.  I know Obama has come out up front a lot on this, but does he want an outright ban on earmarks?


Q: He does?


Representative-elect Sean Duffy wrote in an op-ed for POLITICO today that “If we are serious about cutting spending, focusing on creating jobs and reforming Congress, then we must agree: The time for earmarks has come to an end.”  By banning earmarks in the 112th Congress, Republicans have shown they are listening to the American people; when will President Obama and Washington Democrats follow suit?
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Constituent Mailbag: The Speaker's Plane, Reducing the Size of Gov't
Posted by Press Office on November 17, 2010

In this week’s Constituent Mailbag, Congressman John Boehner (R-West Chester) responds to e-mails from Sylvia from West Chester and Charlie in Hamilton about his plans to use commercial airlines, and Republicans’ Pledge to bring about a smaller, more accountable and less costly government.  Video and key excerpts are included below:


Boehner Outlines New Majority’s Plans to Cut Spending and Reduce the Size of Gov’t:

“Republicans have been listening to the American people who are saying ‘enough is enough,’ and in the next Congress we’ll act immediately to reduce the size of government and return power in the House where it belongs: in the hands of the people.  Through our Pledge to America we’ll require each bill moving through Congress to include a clause citing the specific constitutional authority upon which the bill would be enacted.  We’ll also act on a plan to rein in the red tape factory in Washington, D.C., by requiring congressional approval of any new federal regulation that has an annual cost to our economy of more than $100 million or more.  And we’ll repeal the President’s costly jobs-killing health care law and its burdensome ‘1099 Mandate.’”

Boehner Says He’ll Use Commercial Airlines to Commute to Washington:

“I am serious about cutting government spending as a way to help end the economic uncertainty in America that is keeping small businesses from growing and hiring… As to the Speaker’s plane, I’ve been flying commercial between Ohio and Washington for more than 20 years and I’m going to continue to fly commercial if I become the next Speaker.”


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Does President Obama Really Support an Earmark Ban?
Posted by Press Office on November 15, 2010
House and Senate GOP leaders are now unified in support of an earmark ban.  Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell’s announcement that he would support an earmark ban in the 112th Congress reinforces Republicans’ commitment to ending business as usual in Washington.  More importantly, it means that only President Obama and Washington Democrats stand in the way of this critical effort to restore public trust.

For his part, President Obama issued a statement praising Sen. McConnell’s announcement and reiterating his support for “cracking down” on earmarks.  Yet, nowhere in his statement does the president urge the leaders of his party to hold simple up-or-down votes on imposing an earmark ban, something House and Senate Republicans will do this week.  It appears the president is not yet willing to confront what The Washington Post calls “resistance from veteran Democratic lawmakers” clinging to earmarks.  POLITICO adds that it “remains to be seen” how the White House will “avert a potential standoff with Senate Democrats on the matter.  Now, compare this uncertainty to how House senior advisor David Axelrod “made it clear” yesterday that the president “has made no commitment to vetoing spending bills that contain earmarks despite calls from fiscal hawks for the president to make that pledge.

To recap:

  • President Obama has yet to call on Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) or Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) to join Republicans in voting on an earmark ban for the 112th Congress.  (Note that the standard here is not even whether he supports an outright ban, but whether he supports holding simple up-or-down votes to determine whether to impose a ban.)

  • The Obama Administration won’t commit to vetoing any spending measures this year that include earmarks, which the president said just hours ago “we can’t afford during these tough economic times.”
    So: does President Obama really support an earmark ban?  And if so, what has he done to prove that is the case?

    Here’s one thing we do know: earmarks are a symbol of a Congress that has broken faith with the American people.  An earmark moratorium shows elected officials are serious about working to restore trust between the American people and those elected to serve them.  Why is President Obama standing in the way of our ability to move forward and take this critical step towards restoring public trust?  As he
    said earlier this year, “Gridlock as a political strategy is destructive to the country.”
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    State Rebellion Against Job-Killing ObamaCare Law Growing Stronger
    Posted by Press Office on November 10, 2010
    The state rebellion against ObamaCare, which started last March in Virginia and grew to include twenty other states plus the National Federation of Independent Business, will only grow stronger next year.  With only one in six Americans content with the Democrats’ job-killing government takeover of health care, it was only inevitable that the Administration and Washington Democrats would continue to face resistance from states.

    Pam Bondi, Florida’ Attorney General-Elect, noted in an appearance on Fox News’ On the Record w/ Greta Van Susteren that “we could have a total of 28 states joining in this lawsuit” against the unconstitutional, job-killing mandates in ObamaCare.  Those states include: Oklahoma, Ohio, Kansas, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Maine, and California.   

    As Professor Ilya Somin noted in the Richmond Times-Dispatch on Sunday: “When 21 states and several private groups initiated lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of the Obama health care law earlier this year, critics denounced the suits as frivolous political grandstanding. But it is increasingly clear that the plaintiffs have a serious case with a real chance of victory.”  

    It’s not just the states that are revolting against ObamaCare, though.  In the House of Representatives, the new Republican majority has vowed to “repeal and replace” ObamaCare.  As Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR), the Chairman of the GOP Majority Transition Committee, said on Fox News last night: 
    We are going to do everything we can to repeal and replace the health care bill.  This is a job-killing law.  We know that from the Congressional Budget Office, we know that from Suffolk University, both of whom said 780,000 jobs can be lost.  Let’s get health care reform that doesn’t cost jobs and can bend down the cost curve.  This new law does neither of that.

    Whether it’s in the Congress or in the states, ObamaCare and its job-killing employer mandate will be challenged relentlessly.  And it’s not a moment too soon, because Kaiser Health News reported today that ObamaCare’s job-killing employer mandate will lead small businesses, responsible for more than 60 percent of all new jobs in America, to drop health care coverage all together, leaving employers with the choice of hiring fewer people, dropping coverage, or both: 
    One of the most fundamental ideas in the new health law is that employers should offer health insurance to their workers, or else they would have to pay a penalty, beginning in 2014.  The fear has been that many businesses would opt for ‘or else,’ leaving their workers searching for coverage....Twenty percent [of small businesses] - one-fifth - told Mercer they are ‘likely’ to stop offering health plans once people have the option of buying insurance from state-run exchanges, virtual marketplaces.

    With the “invisible” unemployment rate above 11 percent and “five unemployed workers available for every job opening,” according to the New York Times, it’s imperative that the states and Congress do everything their power to stop the job-killing mandates in ObamaCare.  

    Republicans have listened to Americans, who have been asking “where are the jobs?”and offered better solutions in the Pledge to America, including extending all the current tax rates, cutting spending back to pre-“stimulus,” pre-bailout levels, and repealing and replacing ObamaCare.  Read more here: GOP.gov/pledge or visit the Pledge Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/PledgeToAmerica.
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    Boehner: Americans Expect Washington to Stop All The Tax Hikes
    Posted by Press Office on November 05, 2010
    In sit-down interviews with ABC’s Diane Sawyer and Fox News’ Bret Baier, Congressman John Boehner (R-West Chester) talks about Republicans’ commitment to listening to the American people and going to work on their priorities: creating jobs, cutting spending, and making Congress more accountable to the people it serves.  Specifically, Boehner told Baier that this week’s events make it clear the American people want us to “stop all the tax hikes and cut spending,” which is exactly what Republicans have proposed in the Pledge to America.  During the interview with Sawyer, Boehner recounted his experiences meeting with Tea Party activists coast-to-coast and said we ought to welcome their participation because it’s going to “reinvigorate our democracy.”  Following are videos of the interviews, along with selected excerpts:





    On FOX, Boehner Says Stopping All Tax HIkes is the Will of the People:

    “In our Pledge to America, we made clear that we believe that all the current tax rates should be extended for all Americans and permanently.  ... The American people spoke on election night.  It was their opportunity to send Washington a message.  And the message they sent was stop the tax hikes and stop the spending. … I am not going to compromise on my principles nor am I going to compromise the will of the American people.  To the extent that the president wants to work with us on reducing the size, scope and the intrusion of the federal government, we're willing to work with him.”

    On ABC, Boehner Says Democrats are in “Denial” Over Voters’ Rejection of Their Job-Killing Policies:

    “There seems to be some denial on the part of the President. … When you have the most-historic election in over 60-70 years, you would think that the other party would understand that the American people have clearly repudiated the policies that they put forward over the last two years.”

    On ABC, Boehner Praises TEA Party's Contribution to Strengthening Our Democracy and Political Process:

    “You know, I’ve been to my fair share of Tea Party events and over the course of the last year have been in over 100 congressional districts and talked to a lot of Tea Party activists along the way. … None of them have ever been involved in the political process before.  I think we as Americans ought to welcome that participation.  I think it’s going to reinvigorate our democracy.  And be a really good thing for the country.”

    On FOX, Boehner Discusses Repealing OBAMACARE and Replacing it with Common Sense Reforms That Lower Costs, Protect Jobs:

    “This health care bill will ruin the best health care system in the world and it will bankrupt our country. … And secondly, let’s not forget, this is also about jobs.  And if you look at all of the requirements on employers, you can understand why they’re not hiring new employees, because we’ve raised the cost of employment.  … And trust me, I’m going to make sure this health care bill never ever, ever is implemented.”


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    "American Dream": ABC World News Profiles Leader Boehner
    Posted by Press Office on November 04, 2010

    In a segment that first aired last night, ABC World News with Diane Sawyer takes a look at how Congressman John Boehner’s (R-West Chester) modest, working-class upbringing in Reading, OH and experience running a small business helped shape his role as a dedicated reformer and passionate advocate for smaller, more accountable government.


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    On the Radio: Boehner Pledges to Build a More Open and Responsive Gov’t that Listens to Americans Asking ‘Where are the Jobs?’
    Posted by Press Office on October 25, 2010
    During an interview Friday with Kevin Sandler from Celina’s WCSM-FM, Congressman John Boehner (R-West Chester) discussed Washington Democrats’ failure to answer the number one question on the minds of people in the 8th District of Ohio and across the country: ‘where are the jobs?’  Boehner also spoke about the need for a more open and responsive Congress that listens to the people who are demanding that lawmakers stop all the jobs-killing tax hikes scheduled to hit Americans on January 1st.  Listen to the full interview here.  Key excerpts are included below.

    Boehner on Listening to the Will of the American People: 

    “One of the underlying issues that you see in the electorate today – the frustration and the anger – really stems from the fact that people think that Washington isn’t listening to them.  As a matter of fact, most Americans think that Washington ignores what they have to say. … Those of us that have the honor of representing people in our country, our job is to listen to them and represent their views and their values.”

    Boehner on Stopping Washington Democrats’ Jobs-Killing Policies:

    “I’d like to see more manufacturing jobs in Ohio.  But that’s going to mean changes in the federal government, and that’s going to mean changes in the state government, so that we’re not driving employers out of the state and for that matter out of the country… all of the new regulations they’re talking about coming out of EPA and coming out of ObamaCare bill and this new financial regulatory bill – all this is going to do is impede job growth, that’s why it has to be stopped.”

    Boehner on Republicans’ Plans For a New Way Forward:

    “Over the last 22 months, every time we’ve found ourselves in a position of having to oppose our colleagues we did it on principle, and secondly, we always offered what we thought was a better solution.  Over the summer we did our America Speaking Out project which was to listen to the American people and in late September we rolled out our Pledge to America.  It’s about creating jobs in America; it’s about cutting spending in Washington; it’s about repealing and replacing ObamaCare with common-sense reform.”

    Boehner on the Need for a More Open Congress That Respects the People and Abides by the Constitution:

    “Whether it’s making sure that people can read a bill for three days before it comes to the floor, making sure that committees post all of their activities online within 24 hours or when bills come to the floor, why not have an open process and let all 435 members represent the 650,000 constituents in their district? I believe that all of this will help break down the partisan scar tissue, help heal the House and begin the process of rebuilding the trust between the American people and their Congress.”

    Boehner on Assisting in Helping Clean Up Grand Lake St. Marys and Preserving it for Future Generations:

    “I was glad to sit down and meet with all of the community leaders to talk about the problems at the lake over the summer. … I’ve been working with area farmers and others in the conservation area on the watershed issues, trying to get existing federal funds to make sure we minimize the amount of runoff that is bringing harmful things into the lake.  That is something that I and my office have continued to work on literally on a daily basis.”
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    Isn’t It Ironic: Vice President Biden Criticizes GOP, But Ignores Administration’s Massive Spending Spree
    Posted by Press Office on October 22, 2010

    Despite the Obama Administration’s massive spending binge, Vice President Joe Biden again criticized Republicans on spending.  His attacks conveniently ignore the fact that this administration has added $3 billion to the national debt, run up a $1.3 trillion deficit, and left millions of Americans asking “Where are the jobs?

    As the manager of the failed ‘stimulus’ - which 68 percent of Americans believe has been “wasted” - Vice President Biden is a curious messenger for the Obama Administration’s desperate attempt to distance itself from the out-of-control spending spree that has been going on in Washington on the Democrats’ watch.  As the Vice President talks about fiscal responsibility, it’s worth bearing in mind his dubious record as the manager of the Obama Administration’s failed, budget-busting economic ‘stimulus.’

    The Obama Administration Claimed that the ‘Stimulus’ Would Keep Unemployment Below Eight Percent and Create Millions of Jobs:

    • The Obama Administration claimed that the ‘stimulus’ would keep unemployment below eight percent. (TIME, 7/14/09)
    • The Obama Administration claimed the ‘stimulus’ would “save or create three to four million jobs.”  (The New York Times, 1/10/09)

    Vice President Biden Later Admitted that the White House’s ‘Stimulus’ Projections Were Wrong:

    In June 2009, Vice President Biden Said That “Everyone Guessed Wrong” on the Economy, Denied That the Stimulus Was Sold on the Eight Percent Unemployment Promise. NBC’s David Gregory: “But here is the reality, and that is when this report was issued by your economic advisor and Dr. Romer from the White House, the assertion was that you could keep unemployment at 8 percent and then it would go down after that. In fact, it's now at 9.4 percent. Was it oversold?” Vice President Biden: “No. What we did is, we took the econometric models that were used by businesses as well as academics at the time. No one realized how bad the economy was. The projections, in fact, turned out to be worse. Gregory: “But this package was sold on the premise that it would, in fact, keep unemployment at 8 percent. It's exceeded that with the recovery plan.”  Vice President Biden: “No, no, it wasn't sold on that. It was sold on it would create –” Gregory: “That's what the report said, Mr. Vice President.” Vice President Biden: “No, it said it would -- what would happen was it would save or create jobs. It's doing that, it is doing that. Everyone guessed wrong at the time the estimate made, about what the state of the economy was at the moment this was passed.” (NBC’s “Meet The Press,” 6/14/09)

    Today, There Are 14.8 Million Unemployed Americans, and 2.5 Million Have Lost Their Jobs Since the ‘Stimulus’ Was Signed Into Law:

    • There are currently 14.8 million unemployed Americans, leaving the unemployment rate stuck at 9.6 percent. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 10/8/10)
    • Instead of creating 3.7 million jobs as promised, 2.5 million jobs have been lost since the Democrats’ ‘stimulus’ was signed into law. (House Ways & Means Republicans, 9/22/10)
    • “The economy is now over seven million jobs short of what Democrats promised in January 2009 if their stimulus bill passed.” (House Ways & Means Republicans, 9/22/10)

    Vice President Biden Claimed the ‘Stimulus’ Would Create Jobs During the ‘Recovery Summer’:

    • Vice President Biden: “So the ripple effects have been felt thus far since the Recovery Act passed. But my point is, this summer you're going to see even more ripple effect out there. This is the -- the Act is now -- as I said, the pace on the ball is moving into its highest gear here in terms of direct investment in projects.” (White House Press Briefing, 6/17/10)

    But the Economy Continued Losing Jobs in June, July, August and September:

    • According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics monthly jobs report, the economy lost 125,000 jobs in the month of June. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 7/2/10)
    • According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics monthly jobs report, the economy lost 131,000 jobs in the month of July. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 8/6/10)
    • According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics monthly jobs report, the economy lost 54,000 jobs in the month of August. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 9/3/10)
    • According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics monthly jobs report, the economy lost 95,000 jobs in the month of September. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 10/8/10)

    Vice President Biden Admitted that Stimulus Dollars Would be Wasted:

    • Vice President Biden Said Publicly That Some Stimulus Money “Is Going To Be Wasted.” “‘We know some of this money is going to be wasted,’ Biden said during a roundtable discussion in New York with business leaders aimed at promoting the two-year stimulus plan.” (Reuters, 6/2/09)
    • Vice President Biden:There are going to be mistakes made … Some people are being scammed already.” (Reuters, 6/2/09)


    BETTER SOLUTIONS IN THE PLEDGE TO AMERICA.  Republicans understand that we must do a better job of providing the fiscal discipline economists say is needed to create jobs.  That is why cutting spending is a critical part of the GOP’s Pledge to America.  The Pledge lays out specific proposals to restore fiscal responsibility to Washington by: cancelling unspent ‘stimulus’ funds, immediately cutting government spending to pre-‘stimulus,’ pre-bailout levels; establishing a hard cap on new discretionary spending; cutting Congress’ budget and holding weekly votes on spending cuts.  Republicans will continue fighting for immediate enactment of every provision in the Pledge to America to create jobs and get the economy moving again. 


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    Yes, We Can Cut Spending: UK Leads the Way in Slashing Bloated Government
    Posted by Press Office on October 20, 2010
    Flatly ignoring the will of the American people, Washington Democrats and President Obama have criticized the GOP’s Pledge to America, which calls for restoring fiscal sanity by cutting federal spending back to pre-“stimulus,” pre-bailout levels, saving $100 billion in the first year alone.   Yet the party of “yes we can,” is saying “no, we can’t” when it comes to cutting spending – something that more than 100 economists have said is necessary to create jobs and get the American economy moving again.  

    Spending cuts can happen.  Just look across the pond to the newly-elected British Government, which today unveiled a budget plan that would eliminate its structural deficit within four years by cutting spending back to 2008 levels.

    As today’s Financial Times reported: “George Osborne on Wednesday ushered in an era of public sector austerity, outlining plans for £83bn in cuts to government spending in his long awaited comprehensive spending review.  Declaring that ‘today is the day where Britain steps back from the brink’ the chancellor revealed dramatic cuts to several key departments over the next four years.”  The New York Times reported that “the size of government departments in London would be cut by one third,” noting that “Britain’s public deficit is among the highest among developed economies.”

    George Osborne, the UK's Chancellor of the Exchequer, said in a speech today that:
    We are going to bring the years of ever-rising borrowing to an end.  We are going to ensure, like every solvent household in the country: that what we buy, we can afford; that the bills we incur, we have the income to meet; and that we do not saddle our children with the interest on the interest on the interest of the debts we were not ourselves prepared to pay.  Tackling this budget deficit is unavoidable.

    Getting government to live within its means is necessary not just for the fiscal health of the country, but for economic growth and job creation as well, as Peter Wehner noted in Commentary yesterday:
    The goal is to slash the budget deficit from over 10 percent of GDP to almost zero in five years — and in the process to (a) reduce the ‘crowding out’ effect of big government, (b) restore market confidence in government finances, and (c) encourage private business to invest and hire people, which will in turn fuel economic growth.  The cuts in public spending will probably exceed
    anything either Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher or President Reagan ever attempted.

    Today’s Wall Street Journal echoed that sentiment, noting in an editorial today that “a study conducted by Gavekal Research earlier this year, which compared economic growth in the U.K. to government spending over the past 40 years. The trend was clear: The bigger the bite the government takes out of the economy, the slower the average growth rate.”

    Yet in Washington, Democrats continue to spend recklessly, harming job-creation.  Just this week we learned that “the Administration has projected the National Debt will soar in Mr. Obama's fourth year in office to nearly $16.5-trillion in 2012. That's more than 100 percent of the value of the nation's economy and $5.9-trillion above what it was his first day on the job,” according to CBS News.  In fact, since January 2009, Democrats have passed more than $3 trillion in new spending increases, with a 24% increase in non-defense discretionary spending.

    To create jobs, Washington needs to restore fiscal sanity to Washington and stop all the tax hikes that Democrats have planned for Jan. 1, 2011.  With the Pledge to America, Republicans are listening to families and small business owners and offering a clear and positive governing agenda that addresses their highest priorities: creating jobs, cutting spending, and making government more open and accountable.

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