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Ohio Jobless Rate Remains Near 10 Percent in November
Posted by Press Office on December 20, 2010

Ohio’s unemployment rate dropped .1 percent to 9.8 percent in November, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services announced on Friday.

Despite Washington Democrats' promise that their ‘stimulus’ would keep unemployment below eight percent and create jobs ‘immediately,’ Ohio and 46 other states have actually lost hundreds of thousands of jobs (Ohio has lost 165,000 jobs) since February 2009.

Americans have had enough of the jobs-killing policies coming out of Washington.  All year long they’ve been looking at all the ‘stimulus’ spending sprees, bailouts and government takeovers coming out of Democrat-controlled Washington and they’ve been shouting “Stop!” 

Republicans have been listening.  In his last weekly press conference, U.S. House Speaker-designate John Boehner said Friday that the new Majority will act quickly beginning January 5 to make good on A Pledge to America and help reduce economic uncertainty:

Congress has acted to stop all of the tax hikes that were scheduled to go into effect January 1st.  It’s a good first step, but let’s be clear: if we actually want to help our economy get back on track and to begin creating jobs, we need to end the job-killing spending binge, we need to cut spending significantly, and we need to provide more certainty to small businesses around America.  Doing this is going to require tough choices.  And we’ll start first by cutting our own budget. It will be one of our first votes.  Then we’ll turn our attention to the rest of the federal budget and the job-killing policies that are denying economic growth and opportunity for the American people, including killing the job-killing health care law.  We can’t borrow and spend our way to prosperity.  The American people know that. And I think the government’s failure to recognize this has led to the uprising that we saw over the last year that helped create a new majority in the House.

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Photos: Boehner Congratulates 2010-2011 8th District Service Academy Nominees
Posted by Press Office on December 19, 2010

Congressman John Boehner (R-West Chester) hosted a reception yesterday evening in West Chester to congratulate the 24 Eighth Congressional District students selected to receive nominations to the U.S. service academies.  WestChesterBuzz.com has coverage:

Boehner worked the room, introducing himself and mingling with the families before taking a few moments to speak about the 2015 [class of] nominees.

‘These individuals are highly capable and likely to get appointments to their respective academies,” Boehner said. ‘I’d like to thank the parents, because if you hadn’t done a great job up until now, your children wouldn’t be here today.’


Rep. Boehner congratulates his 2010-2011 8th District service academy nominees at a reception yesterday in West Chester.  For more photos, click here (courtesy of WestChesterBuzz.com).


Each year Boehner nominates select students for appointments to the U.S. Air Force, Merchant Marine, Military (West Point), and Naval Academies.  The full list of 2010-2011 Eighth District Service Academy nominees is available here.   To find out more about the nominating process, click here.


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U.S. Now Has Dubious Distinction of Highest Corporate Income Tax Rate in the Industrialized World
Posted by Press Office on December 16, 2010
As the House of Representatives moves today to prevent a massive job-killing tax hike on small businesses and families, other nations are moving to aggressively reduce the cost of doing business within their own borders by cutting the corporate income tax rate.  In fact, just this past week, Japan announced that it would cut its corporate income tax rate by five percent – giving the United States the dubious distinction of having the highest corporate income tax rate in the industrialized world.  

As the New York Times noted, the move is a pro-growth measure that will spur job-creation:
Lowering the corporate tax burden by 5 percentage points could increase Japan’s gross domestic product by 2.6 percentage points, or 14.4 trillion yen ($172 billion), over the next three years, according to estimates by Japan’s Trade Ministry....Japanese companies have amassed unprecedented amounts of cash since the lean years of the 1990s, but have not reinvested the funds to expand domestically or increase employment or payrolls.  A tax cut could whet companies’ investment appetite, the government hopes.

The following chart, courtesy of Cato@Liberty, illustrates just how far the United States is falling behind the rest of the industrialized world:


The Cato Institute’s Dan Mitchell noted that:
The U.S. corporate tax rate of nearly 40 percent (including state corporate burdens) already is far too high, particularly since America adds to the competitive disadvantage of U.S.-domiciled firms by being one of the few nations to impose an extra layer of tax on foreign-source income. Japan’s proposed rate reduction, however, means the high tax rate in America will be an even bigger hindrance to job creation.  It’s also worth noting that the average corporate tax rate in Europe has now dropped to less than 24 percent, so even welfare states have figured out that a high tax burden on business doesn’t make sense in a competitive global economy.

And the Heritage Foundation adds: “Of the 30 countries in the OECD, 27 of them have cut their corporate income tax rates since 2000.  By standing still, the United States has fallen behind.”  Even our neighbor to the north, Canada, has gotten the message: “Beginning in 2001 under a Liberal government, even the politically sensitive federal corporate income tax rate has been reduced.  It is now 18%, down from 28%, and the plan is to reduce it to 15% in 2012.”  

President Kennedy once said that “an economy constrained by high tax rates will never produce enough revenue to balance the budget, just as it will never create enough jobs.”  If Japan, Canada and the rest of the industrialized world can enact pro-growth tax policies that will create jobs, maybe the United States can too.  
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Yes, We Can Stop Earmarks: Will President Obama Oppose Senate Dems' Pork-Laden Spending Bill?
Posted by Press Office on December 14, 2010
President Obama today acknowledged his failure to end business as usual, saying Washington remains “about a lot of politics .. and big money.”  It doesn’t get much bigger and more typical than the $1.1-trillion omnibus spending bill out-of-touch Senate Democrats unveiled earlier today.  “All hell is breaking loose” after it was discovered this nearly 1,924-page monstrosity contains thousands of earmarks in what is being called a final feast for Washington’s “spending barons.”

This is one last meal the American people won’t go along with – and President Obama shouldn’t either.

House and Senate Republicans have listened to the American people and instituted earmark bans for the next Congress.  After we acted, President Obama said he looked forward to working with both parties to “end earmark spending” after failing to crack down on the practice as promised.  Asked two days later whether that means President Obama supports an “outright ban on earmarks,”  press secretary Robert Gibbs said “yes.”  A follow-up query – “He does?” – garnered the same answer: “yes.”

With that in mind, House Speaker-designate John Boehner (R-OH) has urged President Obama to oppose Senate Democrats’ pork-laden omnibus spending bill and announce he will veto it if necessary.  Here’s Boehner’s full statement:
If President Obama is truly serious about ending earmarks, he should oppose Senate Democrats’ pork-laden omnibus spending bill and announce he will veto it if necessary.  This bill represents exactly what the American people have rejected: more spending, more earmarks, and more big government.  Republicans strongly oppose this last-ditch spending spree, a smack in the face to taxpayers at a time when we’re borrowing 40 cents of every dollar we spend.  Senate Democrats even go so far as to plow more than $1 billion into implementing ObamaCare, despite a growing national revolt against this job-killing health care law.

The need to stop Washington’s job-killing spending binge may be lost on Senate Democrats, but it will be a top priority for the new Republican majority in the House.  We have already banned earmarks and made a pledge to America to end the practice of omnibus bills like this disgrace and cut spending to pre-‘stimulus,’ pre-bailout levels.  Instead of making reckless spending decisions in the waning days of the lame-duck session, Senate Democrats should stand down so we can get to work on cleaning up Washington’s fiscal mess.

We don’t have to wait until January to listen to the people and honor their demands for smaller, more accountable government.  This is a chance for President Obama to show his support for an earmark ban wasn’t just post-election me-tooism, but rather an indication of the change in course the American people are demanding.  As he said today, “my hope is that we're going to continue rebuilding a trust in government.”  Think about how much harder that would be if President Obama refuses to oppose Senate Democrats’ pork-laden omnibus spending bill and breaks his promise to crack down on earmarks – again.
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“Welcome to America”: CBS’ 60 Minutes Profiles Speaker-Designate John Boehner
Posted by Press Office on December 13, 2010

CBS’ 60 Minutes traveled to Reading, OH, Speaker-designate John Boehner’s (R-West Chester) hometown, for a profile that explores how his working-class Catholic upbringing and small business experience shaped his view of how the economy works.  During an interview with correspondent Lesley Stahl, Boehner discussed plans to cut Congress’s budget, part of a broader effort to fulfill Republicans’ pledge to America to cut spending and reduce the size of government.


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Constituent Mailbag: Stop All the Tax Hikes, Cut Spending
Posted by Press Office on December 08, 2010

In this week’s Constituent Mailbag video, Speaker-designate John Boehner (R-West Chester) responds to Roxanne in Celina and James in Hamilton. Roxanne writes in to encourage Boehner to stop scheduled tax hikes from hitting families and small businesses on January 1, while James wants to know what Republicans plan to do to end the spending spree in Washington, D.C. Video and key excerpts are included below:

Boehner Says if Lame Duck Congress Won’t Stop All the Tax Hikes, the New Majority in January Will:

“For too long Congress has been playing political games with the tax hikes that are scheduled to hit virtually every American family on January 1. Instead of beating around the bush, Congress needs to stop all the tax hikes, and cut spending so small businesses in America can start hiring again.”

Boehner Says Republicans Will Cut Government Spending, Make Good on a Pledge to America:

“The new Republican Majority in Congress vowed to cut government spending in our Pledge to America, and that’s exactly what we intend to do. In the days to come, House Republicans will likely adopt a ‘Cut-As-You-Go’ rule. For lawmakers in the House, that means under ‘CUT GO,’ if it is your intention to create a new government program, you must also terminate or reduce spending on an existing government program of equal or greater size – in the very same bill.”


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Boehner, GOP Governors-Elect Focus on Creating Jobs, Cutting Spending
Posted by Press Office on December 02, 2010
On November 2, the American people sent a clear message to Washington demanding less spending and more jobs.  Republicans are listening.

Moving forward with their Pledge to America, House Speaker-designate John Boehner and congressional leaders yesterday met with GOP governors-elect and agreed to work together and focus on solutions to create jobs and cut spending – including repeal of the job-killing health care law.


Speaker-designate John Boehner and Ohio Governor-Elect John Kasich talk about cutting government spending and ending job-killing economic uncertainty at a press conference following yesterday’s meeting with Congressional leaders and Republican governors-elect.

“Republicans may still be outnumbered in Washington, but with the American people and reform-minded governors standing with us, there’s a lot we can do together to stop runaway spending and help small businesses create jobs,” Boehner said in a statement after the meeting.

Joining Boehner were 15 governors-elect, including the man leading the fight to get the Buckeye State’s economy back on track, Ohio governor-elect John Kasich.  Reporting on the post-meeting press conference, the Cincinnati Enquirer notes Kasich “blasted” Democrat-run Washington for out-of-control spending that is stifling private-sector job growth.

"The policies in Washington are hurting our ability to create jobs," [Kasich] said.  "I don't get what they don't get about this. Companies need certainty.  If we have to be responsible and balance our books, then Washington has to balance (its) books also."

As Boehner continues efforts to collaborate with reform-minded lawmakers in state capitols across the country, Boehner and House Republicans are wasting no time on acting on their Pledge to end Washington’s spending spree and reform Congress.  Today’s Politico details Republican plans to “upend spending” in Congress through “statutory spending caps, weekly votes on spending cuts and other reforms to ensure spending bills aren’t sneakily passed under special rules.”   To read more, click here.


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GOP Leaders in States & Congress Unify in Suit Against Job-Killing Health Care Law
Posted by Press Office on December 01, 2010
Last night, in response to news reports that Liberty University’s lawsuit against the job-killing health care law’s individual mandate was dismissed, the White House’s blog compared those who have filed a legal challenge to the health care law to people who opposed “the Social Security Act, the Civil Rights Act, and the Voting Rights Act,” stating that “challenges like this are nothing new.”  While legal challenges to laws Congress passes may be “nothing new,” the heart of the suit against ObamaCare - the burdensome individual mandate - is new, because it is an unprecedented power grab by the federal government that will diminish freedom and job-creation.   And unlike the Social Security Act, the Civil Rights Act, and the Voting Rights Act, the job-killing health care law was passed through Congress on a highly partisan vote, and signed into law over the objections of a majority of the American people.

But Republicans aren’t standing by while Democrats implement their job-killing health care law.  Speaker-designate John Boehner (R-West Chester) and other GOP Congressional leaders are meeting with newly-elected Republican governors this afternoon to discuss “a collaborative effort” to “pick apart the health care law,” in addition to other pressing issues, like jobs and spending.   One joint approach the GOP has taken so far is a legal challenge to the job-killing health care law centered around the unconstitutional individual mandate, which is weaving its way through the courts now.  

As the New York Times reported on Saturday, the unconstitutional individual mandate may well prove ObamaCare’s undoing: 
As the Obama administration presses ahead with the health care law, officials are bracing for the possibility that a federal judge in Virginia will soon reject its central provision as unconstitutional and, in the worst case for the White House, halt its enforcement until higher courts can rule….Virginia’s attorney general, Kenneth T. Cuccinelli II, a Republican who filed the Richmond lawsuit, argues that if Judge Hudson rejects the insurance requirement he should instantly invalidate the entire act on a nationwide basis.

Mr. Cuccinelli and the plaintiffs in the Florida case, who include attorneys general or governors from 20 states, have emphasized that Congressional bill writers did not include a ‘severability clause’ that would explicitly protect other parts of the sprawling law if certain provisions were struck down.  An earlier version of the legislation, which passed the House last November, included severability language.  But that clause did not make it into the Senate version, which ultimately became law.  A Democratic aide who helped write the bill characterized the omission as an oversight.

Without such language, the Supreme Court, through its prior rulings, essentially requires judges to try to determine whether Congress would have enacted the rest of a law without the unconstitutional provisions....Lawyers for Virginia have sought to turn one of the federal government’s arguments on its head.  They note that the health law explicitly refers to the insurance requirement as ‘an essential part’ of the act’s regulatory scheme, and that Justice Department lawyers — in pressing their point that the law permissibly regulates commerce — have called it the ‘linchpin.’  If it is so essential, Virginia’s lawyers have asked, why should a judge believe that Congress intended for the rest of the act to stand without it?  

Any illusion that the cases are not highly politicized was lost when Republican leaders raced this month to file friend-of-the-court briefs in Pensacola, and Democrats responded with briefs from state legislators and supportive economists.  Among the Republicans intervening in the case are Representative John A. Boehner of Ohio, the future speaker; 32 United States senators; and Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota, a possible presidential candidate.

As Boehner wrote in USA Today earlier this year, “This is the first time in American history that Congress has passed a law mandating that you buy something simply because you're breathing...If the federal government thinks it can get away with this kind of power grab, it will think it can do anything.”   With the Pledge to America, Republicans made clear their commitment to repeal the job-killing health care law and replace it with better solutions.  Republicans will continue standing with small businesses and fighting to repeal this job-killing law to give entrepreneurs the freedom and certainty they need to put Americans back to work.
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Web Video: New Majority Seeks Collaboration with States to Cut Spending, Help Create Jobs
Posted by Press Office on November 29, 2010
In this week's Web video, Boehner discusses his hope that an upcoming meeting on December 1 with Republican congressional leaders and newly elected governors will serve as the beginning of a collaborative effort to put an end to out-of-control government spending and help small businesses get back to creating jobs.  Video and key excerpts are included below.

Boehner says:

On November 2, the American people sent a clear message to Washington demanding less spending and more jobs.   To deliver, legislators and governors in Congress and state capitols across the country are going to have to work together…

Republicans may still be outnumbered in Washington, but with the American people and reform-minded governors standing with us we can begin to build the smaller, more accountable and less costly government that the American people want.

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On the Radio: The New Majority Will Fulfill the Will of the People, Move to Stop the Tax Hikes, Cut Spending and Repeal ObamaCare
Posted by Press Office on November 23, 2010

During an interview today with Brian Thomas on Cincinnati’s 550 KRC-AM, Congressman John Boehner (R-West Chester) said that Republicans have heard the clear message Americans sent on Nov. 2, and will follow through on their demands for a smaller, more accountable and less costly government.  Boehner also discussed the need to stop all the coming tax hikes and repeal the costly new health care law that is keeping small businesses from growing and hiring.  Key excerpts are included below:

Boehner Hopes President Obama Will Join Republicans in Listening to the American People, Following Through on Demands for Less Spending, More Jobs:

“This is about fulfilling the will of the American people.  They made a big, big loud decision on November 2.  I’m just hoping that my colleagues and the President will listen to what the American people had to say on Election Day and follow through on what they’re demanding: a smaller, less costly and more accountable government.” [Audio]

Boehner Says the New Majority Will Move to Repeal ObamaCare and Start Over with Solutions to Lower Costs:

“I believe that ObamaCare will ruin the best health care delivery system in the world and I think it will bankrupt our country.  That’s why we pledged to repeal ObamaCare and replace it with common sense reforms to bring down the cost of health care, and that’s exactly what we will do.” [Audio]

Boehner Discusses the Need to Simplify Tax Law to Help Boost the Economy, Create Jobs:

“I think that you’ll see an effort next year to simplify the tax code, probably not as far as some of us would like to see us go, but as far as we can go in terms of cleaning up the code, making it understandable, and making it fairer for all Americans.“ [Audio]

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