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BOEHNER VIDEO: High School Students Invited to Compete in 2014 Congressional Art Competition
Posted by on February 17, 2014

In a video message
, Congressman Boehner invited high school students from the 8th District to compete in the 2014 Congressional Art Competition, which is now open for registration (CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE).

“The Congressional Art Competition gives high school students from our local area an opportunity to share their work with the whole country,” Boehner said.  “Each year, I am always impressed to see so many talented young artists in the 8th District, and I’m looking forward to this year’s competition.” 

The Grand Prize entry will hang in the U.S. Capitol for one year.  The winner will receive two round-trip plane tickets courtesy of a national airline to attend an awards ceremony with winners from other congressional districts in Washington, D.C., in June, and he or she will be eligible for a $3000/year scholarship to a renowned college of arts and design. 

Students may click here for more information, including competition guidelines, important dates, and registration forms. 


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Bill to Help Our Local Veterans Passes House
Posted by on February 11, 2014

Johnny, a disabled veteran from Fairfield, wrote an e-mail to our office saying he has a goal.

His goal is to “get off of the 100 percent disability payments” that he currently receives from Social Security by securing employment and paying back into the system that has provided so much for him. 

Yes, a veteran – who has already sacrificed so much for our country and freedom – is striving to improve his own economic situation, so that he may give back even more.

What can be done to help veterans like Johnny?

In 2011, the Veterans Retraining Assistance Program (VRAP) was created to move our veterans out of the unemployment lines and into job-training programs.  Thanks to VRAP, Johnny and nearly 100,000 unemployed veterans across the country are receiving job training in high-demand sectors, from trucking to technology.  For Johnny, that means training in a welding program.

And last week, House Republicans passed the GI Tuition Fairness Act (H.R. 357), which would extend VRAP.  The GI Tuition Fairness Act would also enable veterans to access in-state tuition rates wherever they find themselves living – an important capability for such a mobile population.  It is now up to the Senate to take up this bill.

Helping all of our local veterans achieve their goals is the least we can do, and it continues to be one of Congressman Boehner's top priorities. For more information on training resources available to our veterans, please contact Congressman Boehner’s office to see if we can help.

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More Proof: The Health Care Law Must Go
Posted by Press Office on February 10, 2014


In a special message to our local job creators, Rep. Boehner responds to concerns shared by a small business owner from Butler County named Gene.  Gene fears the president’s health care law will have a devastating impact on the future of his business.

Like Gene, Rep. Boehner has run a small business, so when our local business owners say the president’s health care law is destroying the incentive to grow and create jobs, he understands their perspective.

The fact is, the health care law is taking its toll on Ohioans and small businesses, like Gene’s, and the uncertainty is crippling. 

And the latest report on the president’s health care law is even more proof that the law must go. The report shows that the health care law “will cost the nation the equivalent of 2.5 million workers.”  Unfortunately, this isn’t a surprise. 

Rep. Boehner reacted to the report by saying:

“Everywhere I go, people are wondering why there is less opportunity today than there used to be.  Well, I think this week we got a report from the Congressional Budget Office that reminded us of one big reason, and that is the President's healthcare law.  Under the law, people will work less, and under its employer mandate, wages will be lower.  And, in the end, the law is going to drive two and a half million full time workers out of the economy.  Just like that.  Gone. 

“You know, in the White House, their response was, well… they made a joke out of it.

“That is the attitude that has produced the worst economic record in American history, and it is more proof that the law must go.”

While it may take a new President to get rid of the health care law, Rep. Boehner is listening to you.  He is leading House Republicans in offering solutions that will help job creators, like Gene, and improve people’s lives. 

CLICK HERE to see a full list of the pro-growth jobs bills that House Republicans have passed to get government out of the way and help people secure the American Dream.

In case you missed it, Congressman Boehner recently shared Gene’s full story in his regular column, which you can view by CLICKING HERE.



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A Local Veteran’s Journey to the Purple Heart
Posted by Press Office on February 09, 2014

When we take time to recognize the unparalleled valor and courage of our veterans, we’re reminded of the values that make our nation strong.

And so begins the story of Sergeant Maurice Miller, a Vietnam Veteran who lives in Preble County.  His son, West Foster, wrote our office explaining his father-in-law’s incredible act of courage.  

As reported in the Dayton Daily News, Sergeant Miller is a quiet and reserved farmer who was shot in the head during a battle on the Mekong Delta while holding off enemy fire.  Regrettably, he was not recognized for his gallant and self-sacrificing actions until now. 

Sergeant Miller gave so much, and yet he asked for so little in return.

Forty-six years later, our office was able to help Sergeant Miller’s family obtain the recognition that was so overdue.  The Purple Heart, a symbol of sacrifice awarded to service members killed or wounded by enemy action, was presented to him in a ceremony on January 31, 2014.

With a strong sense of duty and honor, the great men and women who have served our country make extraordinary sacrifices.  It is our responsibility to serve and support them.

We have a Veterans’ Affairs department in our district office, which is solely dedicated to serving veterans in the 8th District.  If you are a veteran who is experiencing an issue, big or small, with a federal agency such as the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), please contact our office to see if we can help.

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More Trade Means More Jobs in Ohio
Posted by Press Office on February 06, 2014


If you’re wondering how expanding international trade could actually benefit our local area, just ask some of the job creators here in the district, such as family-owned and operated Midmark Corporation in Versailles.  “For us, that means more jobs for Ohio primarily,” said Dr. Anne Klamar, Midmark’s president and CEO, as she shared her story.  Midmark employs more than 850 of our neighbors and friends right here in Ohio.

As Congressman Boehner presses the president on bipartisan trade legislation, known as Trade Promotion Authority, local job creators in the 8th District are sharing stories on how expanding America’s trade agenda will lead to more growth and more jobs here in Ohio.

In case you missed it, Congressman Boehner spoke on the House floor this week urging the president to get to work.  Here are Boehner’s remarks:

“Too many middle-class Americans are out of work or worried about losing their job, and the House has passed dozens of bills to help them.  More are in the works as we speak, including important legislation that fosters more trade and opportunities for growth.   

“In Washington, it’s often referred to as ‘TPA’ - Trade Promotion Authority.  But around the country, from our farms to our factories, this means jobs.  It means making it easier for our workers – including the 1.4 million Ohioans whose jobs depend on trade – to be able to compete with China and the world’s growing economies.

“This initiative has support from members of both parties, including President Obama himself.  Unfortunately, like many of our jobs bills, his party’s leaders in the Senate are standing in the way.

“The president needs to use his bully pulpit only as a president can – and change their minds.  He can do that today when he addresses Senate Democrats.  I certainly hope – and expect – he will help us move this bill forward on behalf of American workers.  Otherwise, all the talk about a ‘year of action’ would appear just to be another broken promise.”




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VIDEO: 2014 Republican Address to the Nation
Posted by Press Office on January 29, 2014
Following the president’s State of the Union address, Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers delivered the Republican Address to the Nation, transcending politics and divisiveness by sharing a story that many of us can relate to – a story about how humility, hard work, and perseverance can lead us to overcoming our own personal obstacles and challenges.

In case you missed it, Congressman Boehner issued the following statement about the story shared by Congresswoman McMorris Rodgers:
“Unlike the president, Cathy McMorris Rodgers delivered a personal message that transcended politics. She showed that when we focus on empowering people, rather than government, we can close the opportunity gap in American and allow people to meet their potential. She made clear that Republicans are not just the alternative party, but the party with better solutions. I applaud her for a job well done.” 

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Congressman Boehner Marks 41st Anniversary of Roe v. Wade Decision
Posted by Press Office on January 22, 2014

Congressman John Boehner (R-West Chester) today marked the 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade by welcoming March for Life participants from Ohio’s 8th Congressional District to Washington, DC:

“I welcome this year’s marchers from Ohio’s 8th Congressional District who made the trip to Washington, DC, and renewed their commitment to sharing the truth about abortion and the humanity of the unborn child.  For 41 years, the March for Life has focused America’s attention on one of our most fundamental duties—to respect life at every stage.  This annual event has become a hallmark of the pro-life movement, and I thank the organizers for their unfailing commitment.  Millions of pro-life Americans stand on the shoulders of the late Nellie Gray, who founded the March for Life in 1974 to protest the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision.  Nellie inspired an entire generation to promote a culture of life, a cause that is undeniably succeeding and seeks to defend those whom Pope Francis recently called 'the most defenseless and innocent among us.’"

In 2010, Congressman Boehner became the first Speaker in history to address the March for Life.

In his address, Boehner talked about how the cause of life and the cause of freedom are inextricably linked and paid tribute to Nellie Gray, the March’s founder, who died in 2012.

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Let’s Go Big Moe
Posted by Press Office on December 06, 2013
Congressman Boehner’s mighty Moeller Crusaders are playing for their second straight Ohio Division I high school football title on Saturday, and he has this message for the team: 

Boehner graduated from Cincinnati’s Archbishop Moeller High School in 1968 and played football there under legendary coach Gerry Faust, an experience the Speaker talked about at Catholic University’s commencement in 2011:

“I played football in high school. The Moeller High School football team was the Moeller Crusaders.  And our coach, Gerry Faust, made sure we earned every bit of that name. … He’d have the whole team kneel down and pray the Hail Mary before every meeting, every practice, and every game.  Then we’d go out and smash heads with the other team for four quarters…all in the name of the Blessed Mother.  That gives you an idea of the kind of guy Coach Faust was, and still is.  And it was the basis for a lesson he taught us, one I've been repeating ever since: ‘there’s nothing in life you can’t achieve if you’re willing to work hard enough and make the sacrifices necessary to succeed.’”

Good luck, Crusaders. 

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VIDEO: Thanksgiving in Ohio
Posted by Press Office on November 27, 2013
He’s written about what he’s thankful for.  He’s picked up the turkey.  He’s started on the brine.  Now Congressman Boehner shares a Thanksgiving message with his constituents and families across the country.  Take a look:

The video follows Congressman Boehner to the Bowman Landes Turkey Farm – where he’s been getting his turkey for years – and then back to his kitchen.  As a bonus, you’ll hear from Carl Bowman, co-owner of the farm, about what it’s like having John Boehner as a customer and, of course, a congressman.   

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Touring Local Small Business, Boehner Talks ObamaCare & Jobs
Posted by Press Office on November 25, 2013

Congressman Boehner spent the morning at Repacorp, a family-owned small manufacturer located in his district, meeting with employees and going on a tour of the plant, where they make stock, custom, and digital labels. 

The biggest concern raised during the visit was the president’s health care law, which stands to dramatically increase the company’s costs and force its leaders to make tough choices.  Boehner, a former small business owner, noted that ObamaCare isn’t the typical red tape entrepreneurs face; it stands to hurt family-owned manufacturers like Repacorp for years to come.

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