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Health Care Law Check-Up: How Ohioans Spent Their “ObamaCare Anniversaries”
Posted by Press Office on March 31, 2014

VIDEO: Four years ago, Congressman Boehner warned that the president’s health care law would drive up costs, destroy coverage, and destroy jobs. 
He led every single House Republican in voting against it.

Anniversaries are typically celebrated.

But in our local area, ObamaCare’s recent four-year anniversary was hardly a “celebration.”  Ohioans spent their “ObamaCare Anniversaries” with nothing more than the president’s broken promises and higher costs for health care.

In 2010 - long before the horror stories started flooding into our office - Congressman Boehner warned of the health care law’s consequences.

“Look at this bill,” Boehner said on that fateful night, when he led every single House Republican in voting against the health care bill.  “Ask yourself: do you really believe that if you like the health plan that you have, that you can keep it? No, you can’t.”

Boehner had it right.  Remember, the president promised that if you liked your health care plan, you could keep it.  Today, people like Tracy from Hamilton have a different story to tell.  Tracy spent her ObamaCare Anniversary with an uninsured family of six because she couldn’t afford to keep the health care plan her family liked.

Boehner went on to say, “In this economy, with this unemployment, with our desperate need for jobs and economic growth, is this really the time to raise taxes, to create bureaucracies, and burden every job creator in our land? The answer is no.”

The answer is still “no.”  All throughout the district, small business owners – like Mickey Brown in Preble County and Ron Rosenbeck in West Chester – spent their ObamaCare Anniversaries experiencing the kind of uncertainty that causes our local job creators to sit on their hands.  More and more, business owners in our local area are coming forward and sharing their stories with Congressman Boehner, who used to run a small business himself and knows what they’re going through. 

That night, Boehner asked House Democrats, “Can you go home and tell your senior citizens that these cuts in Medicare will not limit their access to doctors or further weaken the program instead of strengthening it?  No, you cannot.”

Democrats who rammed this bill through Congress that night still owe seniors an explanation.  According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, 122,000 people living in the Cincinnati region alone spent their ObamaCare Anniversaries facing ObamaCare’s cuts to their popular Medicare Advantage plans.  Nationwide, that number is in the millions.  Seniors in our area have taken note.  Stacy from West Chester says that, “Any more cuts, and we may see many plans being eliminated and costs for members skyrocketing until they are entirely unaffordable.”   

As Congressman Boehner has said, “The truth is you can’t fix this law – it needs to be torn out by its roots.  As long as this law is around and making things worse, we’re going to keep fighting it.”

By sharing your personal ObamaCare story, you can join Congressman Boehner in the fight against the president’s disastrous health care law.  To share your story, CLICK HERE or call our district office at (513) 779-5400.

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Boehner Pays Tribute to Annie Oakley
Posted by Press Office on March 28, 2014

This Women’s History Month, Congressman Boehner pays tribute to Annie Oakley – a Darke County native who paved the way for women to make it big in show business.

In a video message, Boehner celebrates the life and accomplishments of Little Miss Sure Shot. 

Every year, locals in Darke County commemorate Annie Oakley’s life at the Annie Oakley Festival in Greenville.  This year’s festival will be held from Friday, July 25th through Sunday, July 27th.

Learn more about Women’s History Month by visiting www.womenshistorymonth.gov

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Boehner Welcomes 8th District Undergraduate Students to Capitol Hill for Miami University’s Alternative Spring Break
Posted by Press Office on March 27, 2014


Emily Adams, a constituent from Congressman Boehner’s district, presents her research project as part of Miami University’s alternative spring break event, Posters on the Hill.

Congressman John Boehner (R-West Chester) today welcomed undergraduate students from the 8th District to Capitol Hill for Miami University’s alternative spring break event, Posters on the Hill.

I thank the students from Miami University for making the trip to Washington to share their research with lawmakers and policy staff on Capitol Hill,” Boehner said.  Posters on the Hill is a great opportunity for students from our local area to showcase their hard work, and I’m always impressed with their accomplishments.”

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BOEHNER VIDEO: The VA Accountability Bill, An Important Step in Keeping the Pressure on the VA Backlog
Posted by Press Office on March 26, 2014

In his continued effort to press the VA on its commitment to our local veterans in Ohio, Congressman Boehner took to the House floor today and urged his colleagues to support the VA Management Accountability Act – a bill that gives the VA Secretary the authority to fire or demote the VA officials responsible for the bureaucratic nightmare that an unacceptable number of our veterans and their families are experiencing.  Boehner’s remarks:

“Mr. Speaker, my colleagues:  I know that this House shares my deep concern over the backlog of benefit claims at the Department of Veterans Affairs.   It is nothing short of a black eye for the government.

“This country has made promises that it’s our duty to keep, and the House has acted to tackle the problem.  Even so, reform won’t get far if it’s to be carried out by managers who have proven they aren’t up to the job.

“So we’ve recently introduced H.R. 4031, the VA Management Accountability Act.  This measure gives the VA Secretary the authority to fire and demote officials who aren’t performing.

“The principle here is simple: when you’re not getting the job done, you gotta go.

“At the VA, it’s been quite the opposite.   For all the incompetence we’ve seen and all the lives that have been lost, the evidence shows there’s been no accountability, only half-measures and slaps on the wrist.

“At any agency that has fallen down on the job, this would be unacceptable.  But to have it happen in the health care system for America’s veterans?  I think it’s shameful.

“The VA is failing our veterans and their families.  It’s time we hold these people accountable and get people in there who can fix this backlog once and for all.

“I want to applaud Chairman Miller and the Veterans Affairs Committee for their leadership.  I’m pleased this legislation has already picked up the support of several veterans’ organizations.   And I would urge all of my colleagues to back this critical measure.”

NOTE: After hearing from an overwhelming number of veterans from his district, Congressman Boehner last February and April sent letters to the VA Secretary seeking answers to the VA claims backlog.  Last July, Congressman Boehner was joined by Members of Congress from the Ohio delegation in a letter to the Secretary demanding from the VA a direct and transparent plan for addressing the VA backlog.  

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VIDEO: Boehner Leading House Republicans in Continued Focus on Ohioans' Priorities
Posted by Press Office on March 25, 2014

Through countless e-mails, phone calls and during his stops throughout the district, Congressman Boehner hears the same stories over and over again: people in our area are focused on jobs, they’re tired of this ‘new normal’ under the president’s economy, and the middle class continues to get squeezed every day. 

As Boehner has said before, we don’t have to settle for this ‘new normal’, which includes slow economic growth, not enough new jobs, and low wages for people who are trying to make a decent living.  The Republican majority in the U.S. House, led by Congressman Boehner, has focused for three years on removing barriers to private-sector job creation and passing bills that would help to implement our Plan for Jobs and Economic Growth.  

In Ohio, Republican economic solutions are working – imagine what the rest of the country would look like if a similar change in direction were being taken in this Democratic-controlled Washington.

For starters, Senate Democrats could act on the dozens of good, House-passed jobs measures that have stalled in that chamber.  At a press briefing with Republican leaders today, Congressman Boehner called on Senate Democrats to act on those jobs bills.  Following are Boehner’s remarks:

House Republicans continue to focus on the American people’s number one priority, which is jobs.  We’ve passed dozens of pro-growth jobs bills, many of them in a bipartisan way.  That includes a number of education and job training measures to expand access for young people and the middle class.  The only thing standing in the way of the American people and more economic progress are Senate Democrats who continue to oppose these common-sense measures.

“President Obama is in Europe today.  I hope he uses this as an opportunity to discuss how we can help the Europeans reduce their dependence on Vladimir Putin.  Expediting the approval of U.S. natural gas exports would send a clear signal that Russia’s energy stranglehold on Europe will not continue.  And just as important, it would create more American jobs and help more Americans as they face the squeeze of not enough jobs and not enough increase in wages.”  
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VIDEO: Boehner Answers Questions from Lakota East Student Reporter
Posted by Press Office on March 20, 2014

Congressman Boehner answers questions from a student reporter at Lakota East High School. 

If you have questions for Congressman Boehner, feel free to CLICK HERE or call our office at 513-779-5400.

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ICYMI: HHEATT Act Unanimously Passes Senate, Bill Heads to the President’s Desk
Posted by Press Office on March 18, 2014


In response to this year’s propane shortages in Ohio and across the nation, the House passed the Home Heating Emergency Assistance Through Transportation (HHEATT) Act, sponsored by Transportation Committee Chairman Bill Shuster (R-PA).

Upon House passage of the HHEATT Act, Congressman Boehner released a statement saying, “Chairman Shuster’s bill mirrors actions taken by Gov. Kasich to help expedite the delivery of propane and home heating oil to areas where it is most desperately needed.  The bill is backed by both parties, and Senate Democrats should waste no time in sending it to the president’s desk.”

On Friday, March 14, the Senate unanimously approved the HHEATT Act, sending the legislation to the president’s desk.  Here, Congressman Boehner is photographed signing the bill. 

The HHEATT Act’s next stop is the White House.

SEE ALSO: Congressman Boehner signs letters to Department of Transportation requesting extensions of the hours-or-service exemption for trucks carrying emergency supplies of propane (view by clicking here and here).
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Congressman Boehner on Ukraine
Posted by Press Office on March 13, 2014



Many of you have contacted Congressman Boehner about the ongoing unrest in Ukraine. 

Russia's hostile acts of aggression against Ukraine are an affront to everything we stand for: liberty, democracy, and freedom from fear and intimidation.  Vladimir Putin has proven himself a menace and a threat to stability in the region, and he must be held accountable. 

In order to help our allies and keep Vladimir Putin in check, the Obama administration can, and should, act to expand American-made energy production.  It’s the key not only to strengthening our economy, but to weakening Putin’s leverage over our allies in Europe. 

In case you missed it, in his weekly press conference today Congressman Boehner called on the Senate to take up and approve the bipartisan, House-passed loan guarantee package for Ukraine.  His remarks:

Finally, I want to touch again on the situation in Ukraine.  The House has acted on a loan guarantee package with strong bipartisan support.  The Senate should pass this bill and send it to the president’s desk before leaving for the district work period.

“I also received a letter last week from many of our central European allies urging action on the issue of American energy.  Ending this defacto export ban on U.S. natural gas exports would not only help our economy, it would help keep Putin in check.

“So I would urge the president to heed this call from our allies, and have him call the Secretary of Energy to begin to pass these export licenses.” 
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Boehner congratulates Ohio House Speaker Bill Batchelder on receiving the John M. Ashbrook Award
Posted by Press Office on March 06, 2014


“Like the late Ohio congressman, John M. Ashbrook, Speaker Batchelder exemplifies the principles and ideals of limited and free government,” Boehner said. “As a person who defends those very principles every day in the People’s House, I find that nobody deserves this award more than Bill Batchelder.

“During his more than 30 years of public service in the Ohio House, Bill has led Republicans to a supermajority and through a state budget crisis, earning the respect of Republicans and Democrats along the way. Anyone who has ever served with Bill Batchelder knows that when he gets up and speaks on the House floor, everyone listens. He’s been a big brother, a mentor, and he certainly helped me to do my job. As his legislative career comes to a close, I know his presence in the Ohio House will be greatly missed.”

NOTE: John M. Ashbrook served as an Ohio congressman and was co-founder of the American Conservative Union. To learn more about the Ashbrook Center and its efforts to restore and strengthen the capacities of the American people for constitutional self-government, visit www.ashbrook.org

Click here to view or download a high-res version of the photo.
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Meet Hank Meijer, This Year’s 8th District Farm Forum Keynote Speaker
Posted by Press Office on February 27, 2014
This Saturday, Congressman Boehner is hosting the 23rd annual 8th Congressional District Farm Forum in Piqua.

We are honored to welcome Hank Meijer as this year’s keynote speaker for Farm Forum.  Mr. Meijer is co-chairman and co-chief executive officer of Meijer, Inc., the Grand Rapids, Mich.-based retailer that operates more than 200 supercenters and grocery stores in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky.

A grandson of company founder Hendrik Meijer, Hank joined the family retail business at the age of 11 as a bagger. Prior to leading Meijer, Hank started his professional career as a reporter for a southeast Michigan suburban newspaper group upon graduation from the University of Michigan. Later, he became editor and then publisher of a newspaper in Plymouth, Mich. He rejoined Meijer in 1979 as assistant advertising director, and became marketing director in 1983.  Hank is also a published author, and serves on a variety of foundations and boards.


We hope you’ll join us this Saturday for Farm Forum, where you’ll get a chance to hear from Mr. Meijer and our panel of agriculture experts.  This year, the panel will focus on the 2014 farm bill and how important reforms in the bill will help Ohio’s agriculture community.

There is still time to RSVP for Farm Forum (CLICK HERE TO RSVP).  If you’d prefer to RSVP over the phone, you may call our district offices at 513-779-5400 or 800-582-1001.

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