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John Boehner in USA Today: We can't ignore our debt
Posted by Press Office on May 22, 2012

John Boehner: We can't ignore our debt
By John Boehner
USA Today
May 22, 2012

The American people continue to ask "where are the jobs?" and the overspending going on in Washington, D.C., is a big part of the reason why. Our national debt, which has grown significantly due to President Obama's failed "stimulus" policies, is a drain on our economy and a crushing burden on our kids and grandkids.

Last month, a USA TODAY editorial called our debt and deficits "an increasingly urgent national crisis." It is, and one we cannot ignore. Unfortunately, inaction is exactly what the president and members of his party have in mind. They went into a state of panic recently when I said we should talk about — and yes, actually solve — the debt problem that's hurting our economy. There have even been suggestions that these calls for action to heal our economy are somehow designed to do it harm.

Talking about our debt isn't the problem — failing to fix it is. Last August, Standard & Poor's announced it was downgrading the nation's credit rating because a budget agreement between the president and Congress "falls short of the amount we believe is necessary to stabilize the general government debt burden."

Why did that agreement fall short? When push came to shove, President Obama could not resist political pressure to push for tax hikes on small-business job creators. We were on the verge of a breakthrough agreement, but he moved the goal posts and walked away. The president lost his courage, and the country lost its gold-plated triple-A credit rating for the first time.
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Since then, the president has been in campaign mode — playing small ball at a time when we need to address big challenges. Until we get a grip on our debt, our economy will continue to suffer and we run the risk of another downgrade, which will make job creation ever harder. Americans deserve a better economic future and an administration willing to tackle this debt crisis before it tackles us.

Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio, is speaker of the House of Representatives.

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“This Is About Jobs”: Congressman Boehner Talks Jobs, Debt with George Stephanopoulos
Posted by Press Office on May 20, 2012

On ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos, Congressman John Boehner said, “dealing with our debt and deficit are critically important” for economic growth and job creation. Boehner also noted that the House has passed dozens of bipartisan jobs bills – including a responsible budget – that are being blocked by Senate Democrats. Below are several excerpts from the interview:

Boehner: “This Is About Jobs”

“The American people are still asking the question: where are the jobs?  And dealing with our deficit and our debt would help create more economic growth in the United States.  And it would lift this cloud of uncertainty that's causing employers to wonder what's next.  So dealing with our debt and our deficit are critically important. … [T]his is about jobs.  If we really are serious about getting the American people back to work, removing the clouds of uncertainty are important.”

Boehner: Will President Obama Lead on Addressing Our Debt & Deficit?

“The issue is the debt.  You know, people aren't clamoring to invest in Greece today.  And if we don't begin to deal with our debt and our deficit in an honest and serious way, we're not gonna have many options.  Listen-- I'm not going to apologize for leading.  The real issue here is will the president lead?”

Boehner: Bipartisan House-Passed Jobs Bills Are Stuck in Democratic-Controlled Senate

“We've worked with Democrats-- we looked through all these jobs bills in the Senate, 30 of them, sitting over there, part of our plan for American job creation.  All of them passed with bipartisan support. … So-- on the budget, we've done a budget.  Where's the Senate?  1,120 days since they have passed a budget.”

Boehner: Governor Romney’s Proposals Will Strengthen Our Economy

“Mitt Romney's got very-- has had a very successful career.  And-- and I think his prescriptions for fixing our economy are a lot better than the president's.  … [T]he issue is gonna be the economy.  And I believe that Governor Romney's proposals will strengthen our economy and get more Americans back to work.”

Boehner: My Job Is To Make Sure Our Team Is Prepared

“I feel pretty good about where we are today.  But you know, my job is-- as the leader is to make sure that if everything falls apart, that we still have the tools that we need to hold onto our majority in the House.  We've got-- 89 freshmen members-- running for reelection in most cases.  We've got a lot of tough elections out there.  But again, if the election were held today -- I feel good about it. … My job is to make sure our team is prepared.”

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Fueling Job Creation by Stopping Small Business Tax Hikes & Reforming the Tax Code
Posted by Press Office on May 17, 2012

If we are to unlock new opportunities for job creation and strengthen the economy, then we must take even larger steps toward comprehensive tax reform,” House Ways & Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) said in a speech this morning highlighting the need to fix our broken tax code, a key plank of the Plan for America’s Job Creators.

Speaking at a policy seminar in Washington, Chairman Camp outlined Republicans’ commitment to fueling job creation by stopping the coming tax hike on small business job creators and reforming the tax code: 

“I can firmly say our goal is: One, block massive, job-killing tax increases; and, two, enact – not just pass – comprehensive tax reform. … How?  Simple: in addition to extending current low-tax policies originally enacted in 2001 and 2003, we should enact fast track procedures to compel comprehensive tax reform next year.  There are 34 examples of fast track already in law.  The one most of us recognize is TPA – Trade Promotion Authority. 

“This is an idea House Republicans support, the Speaker endorsed it earlier this week, and I urge the Senate and the President to get behind it as well.  Doing so would send a clear, strong message to the markets, to employers and families that Washington is serious about reforming our tax code and putting us on a path to sustained economic growth.

Chairman Camp also talked about how the House-passed budget includes an outline for pro-growth tax reform that lowers rates and closes loopholes.  “It is time America’s tax code put the American economy first,” he said.

The Wall Street Journal noted that Chairman Camp’s comments were part of a GOP effort “to seize the initiative” while President Obama has been “less enthusiastic” about fixing the tax code.  “The administration hasn’t proposed an overhaul” and “it won’t do so,” Bloombergadded.  That’s unfortunate, especially when, according to a recent national survey, eight in ten small business owners cite overtaxation as a reason it’s harder to hire new workers.  Congressman Boehner, a former small business owner himself, said earlier this week that “we shouldn’t wait until New Year’s Eve to give American job creators the confidence that they aren’t going to get hit with a tax hike on New Year’s Day.”  That’s why the House will act this fall to stop the coming tax hike on small businesses and take another step towards fixing our broken tax code. 

Visit the Ways & Means Committee’s website to read the full text of Chairman Camp’s speech

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Boehner on CNN: No Reason to Wait, Let’s Address Spending-Driven Debt Now
Posted by Press Office on May 16, 2012

In an interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett following remarks to the Paul G. Peterson Foundation’s Fiscal SummitCongressman John Boehner said there’s no reason to wait until we reach the debt limit to enact real spending cuts and reforms – the American people are ready, Republicans are ready – “let’s go.”

The only stumbling blocks are President Obama and the Democratic-controlled Senate who appear afraid – or unwilling – to seriously address America’s economic challenges. As Burnett pointed out, top Democrats are already criticizing what Stanford economist John B. Taylor dubbed the “Boehner principle” – that spending cuts and reforms (not tax hikes) exceed any debt limit increase – as a “line in the sand.” Boehner responded:

“It is a line in the sand because Washington has kicked the can down the road, kicked the can down the road, kicked the can down the road and the American people think we're crazy.  They're re-- ready for Washington to take action.  I'm here.  I'm ready to do it.  Let's go.”

Boehner explained how the tax hikes demanded by Democrats would only do more damage to our economy and put more people out of work. Instead, Boehner said “We've gotta have real economic growth and we have to have real controls on spending.”

The House already started by passing a responsible budget that cuts spending and preserves our biggest entitlement programs for our children and grandchildren. And last week, the House voted to reduce the deficit by additional $242.8 billion while protecting our troops and their families. But bills like these and others that create a better environment for job growth are being blocked by Senate Democrats.

Click here to watch and read Boehner’s full remarks from yesterday.

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GOP to Obama: What’s Your Plan For the Big Issues Facing Our Economy?
Posted by Press Office on May 16, 2012

This morning, congressional leaders will visit the White House for a meeting with President Obama.  Between our nation’s struggling economy, our booming debt, still painfully high gas prices, and the “fiscal time bomb” set to hit at the end of this year, the American people would expect the agenda to be focused on tackling the big issues. The Associated Press this morning, however, reports that the President plans to use this meeting as an opportunity to tout his five-point, to-do list for Congress – also known as his Post-it note plan.

According to the Associated Press, the President wants to push the leaders to advance tax breaks for small businesses – a worthy goal. In fact, earlier this year the House passed a 20 percent tax break for small businesses (as defined by the Small Business Administration).  A reduced tax burden on American entrepreneurs and small business owners is something Republicans would be happy to work with the President to provide.  But it doesn’t seem as though finding common ground is the President’s goal.  When the House passed its small business tax cut, the President responded with a veto threat.

In reality, Republicans have already produced a much lengthier to-do list than the President’s Post-it note agenda.  Over the last 18 months, the House has passed more than two dozen jobs bills that are still awaiting Senate action and presidential leadership to get moving.  Over and over again, it has been the House that has led, passing legislation, and working to address the priorities of the American people.  The House has advanced a jobs and energy agenda, passed a budget (twice), passed legislation to keep interest rates for students low, passed a plan to stave off cuts to our military the president’s own Defense Secretary says would be “devastating,” and will soon pass a plan to prevent the biggest tax hike in American history.

What has been missing is presidential leadership – and presidential plans.  So, at today’s meeting Republican leaders would like to hear what the President proposes to address these pressing issues.  

  • How does the President propose dealing with ALL of the tax increases set to hit the American people at the end of the year?  
  • Is the President calling for a clean debt limit increase?
  • When will the President urge the Democratic-controlled Senate to pass a budget so that we can start to get a hold on our skyrocketing debt?  
  • When does the President plan to increase American energy production to help address high gas prices?  
  • When will the President approve the Keystone pipeline so that energy resources from our Canadian friends does not end up flowing to China instead of America?
  • How does the President propose paying for an extension of student loan rates that will pass both chambers?  
  • How does the President, as Commander in Chief, propose to ensure our military is not hollowed out by automatic sequestration cuts?  

A Post-it note makes for a cute gimmick, but the American people are expecting us to think a little bit bigger. That will be the goal of Republican leaders today.

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0 - 513: Obama's Budget Now a National Laughingstock
Posted by Press Office on May 16, 2012

While President Obama was telling Congressional leaders he wants to raise the debt limit without any spending cuts or reforms, Senate Democrats were preparing to reject his budget – unanimously.

This is the second year in a row the Democratic-controlled Senate unanimously opposed the president’s unserious budget (0-99 this year). And it was almost two months ago that his budget failed to win a single vote in the House (0-414). Altogether, 513 elected lawmakers have opposed it.

Of course – it’s been three years since Senate Democrats offered a budget of their own. In that time, we’ve faced an unemployment rate above eight percent and back-to-back-to-back trillion-dollar deficits.

These failures have left families stuck – jobs are scarce, prices are rising, and wages are stagnant, but neither the White House nor Senate Democrats have a serious plan to address our challenges. Instead, they’re focused on fake fights and political gimmicks, and are pushing for higher taxes that would make it even harder for small businesses to hire new workers.

This is why Congressman John Boehner jumpstarted the conversation yesterday about addressing the spending-driven debt that threatens job creation and economic growth. The Speaker outlined a number of ways to put America back on the path to prosperity. With the national debt nearing $16 trillion, the debt limit approaching, and the largest tax hike in history looming, Boehner said “we shouldn’t wait” -- we need to “confront our challenges now while we still have the ability to do so.”

House Republicans already adopted a responsible budget that promotes job growth by cutting spending and protecting America’s entitlement programs for future generations. Last week, the House voted to reduce the deficit by an additional $242.8 billion while protecting our troops and their families.

But that’s not all. The House has passed nearly 30 jobs bills that are being blocked by Senate Democrats.  While those bipartisan bills gather dust, Republicans have also worked with the White House and Democrats to pass - in a bipartisan way - jobs bills such as the JOBS Act, a veterans hiring billthree trade agreements, patent reform,  legislation repealing the IRS withholding tax on job creators, and more.

Republicans are serious about addressing America’s challenges and creating a better environment for private-sector job growth. Learn more at budget.House.gov and jobs.GOP.gov.

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White House, Democrats Hyperventilate at Mere Suggestion of Addressing Our Debt, Promoting Economic Growth
Posted by Press Office on May 16, 2012

Is the White House asking for a clean debt limit increase with no spending cuts or reforms whatsoever?  If not, where is Washington Democrats’ serious plan to address the debt crisis that is hurting our economy and destroying jobs?  President Obama’s budget – the only Democratic plan available, since Senate Democrats have not offered a budget in three years – was defeated by the House by a vote of 414-0.  Today, the Senate is expected to vote it down again.  Because of the president’s failed economic and fiscal policies, a debt limit increase is looming again.  The alternative is default, which would be economically disastrous. 

That’s why Congressman John Boehner laid out a common-sense approach for addressing America’s debt crisis yesterday: responsible spending cuts and reforms that will put the United States on a sounder financial footing, stave off further credit downgrades, and improve the health of our economy.  Yet Democrats immediately responded by hyperventilating at the mere suggestion that Congress come together to cut spending and deal with the big economic and fiscal challenges of our time.  Here’s just a few over-the-top, hyper-partisan examples:

  • “Speaker Boehner is threatening to take our nation into another manufactured crisis that will harm America’s families.” – Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Press Release, 5/15/12

  • “It’s pretty clear to me that the Tea Party direction of the Republican Party is driving them over a cliff. And I would suggest that Speaker Boehner look at the long term, which is what will the Republican Party look like in the future” – Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), The Hill, 5/15/12

  • “The President does not believe that the full faith and credit of the United States, its commitment to pay its bills and its obligations, should be held hostage to a political ideology.” – White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, Briefing, 5/15/12

  • “It is absolutely reckless to threaten that the United States will not pay its bills.” – Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD), San Francisco Chronicle, 5/15/12

Only in Washington will you find “leaders” who fear addressing a problem more than the problem itself.

In reality, the only people talking about “brinkmanship” or a “standoff” are the White House, Democrats, and the Left.  The Congressman told CNN yesterday there’s no reason to wait until we reach the debt limit to enact real spending cuts and reforms – the American people are ready, Republicans are ready – “let’s go.”  

The fact remains that the president’s ‘stimulus’ spending spree has racked up more debt – more than $5 trillion in just over three years – than any president in history, including four straight years of trillion-dollar-plus deficits.  The real questions are, what is the president’s plan and when, if ever, will he lead?

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Boehner Hosts Listening Session with Ohio Job Creators in Hamilton
Posted by Press Office on May 11, 2012

Today, Congressman Boehner hosted an open discussion with Ohio small business leaders and job creators in Hamilton.  Boehner opened the discussion by asking the job creators what they needed to see coming out of Washington in order to encourage job creation and grow the economy, here are a few of the responses:

As reported by the West Chester Buzz, Trevor Stansbury, president and founder of a company in Loveland, told Boehner, “One of the things that is killing all of us is the uncertainty and our reluctance therefore to hire people because we don’t know what is around the corner.”

Boehner agreed with Mr. Stansbury’s concerns and replied: “This uncertainty – I have explained to the president so many times that I am blue in the face…When people get that uncertain, they sit on their money. They sit on their hands and they wait for the market or the picture to clear. Until there is more certainty out there, we are not going to see big changes in our economy.”

Laura Doerge-Roberts, president of Vinyl Max Windows in Hamilton, was among the many job creators who expressed their frustrations with ObamaCare and the threat it is posing to employer provided benefits.  As reported by WCPO, Mrs. Doerge-Roberts “told Boehner under President Obama's healthcare plan, it's more attractive for her company to violate federal law and pay a $340,000 a year fine for not providing healthcare than to provide what she called the rising costs and decreasing benefits.”

Boehner wrapped up the event by reiterating that House Republicans will continue to stay focused on job creation:

“All I can do, on the House side, is try to be responsible in governing and hope that our colleagues on the other side of the Capitol do the same and hope the President maybe comes back off the campaign trail and works with Democrats and Republicans to get things done that the American people expect us to get done.”

If you are in the Cincinnati area, tune into your local news tonight to catch their coverage of the event.

More from Congressman Boehner’s Discussion with Job Creators here:

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American Women Struggling to Find Jobs in the Obama Economy
Posted by Press Office on May 11, 2012
American women are being hit hard by President Obama’s failed economic policies, losing the vast majority of jobs during the president’s time in office, and giving up hope of finding work again.  Instead of addressing these challenges, Washington Democrats have resorted to the politics of division to paper over the real battle women are facing: getting a job in the Obama economy.  Here are a few alarming figures President Obama and Washington Democrats are trying to hide with their politically-motivated rhetoric: 

  • “The Lowest Rate of Labor Force Participation by American Women Since April 1993.” “324,000 women dropped out of the nation’s civilian labor force in March and April as the number of women not in the labor force hit an all-time historical high of 53,321,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. … This year (in both January and April), only 57.6 percent of the women in the civilian noninstitutional population were in the labor force. That is the lowest rate of labor force participation by American women since April 1993, according to historical data maintained by BLS.” (CNSNews.com, 5/9/12)

  • As of March, Women Accounted for 683,000 of the 740,000 Jobs Lost Under President Obama. “It’s true, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, that between January 2009, when Obama took office, and March 2012, there has been a net decline of 740,000 jobs for both men and women, and that among women there has been a net loss of 683,000 jobs.” (FactCheck.org, 4/12/12)

  • Women Only Gained 12 Percent of the Jobs Added Since June 2009. (CNN Money, 4/20/12)

  • “The Number of Unemployed Single Women Has Grown by 12 Percent Since the President Was Sworn-Into Office.” (House Republican Conference, 5/8/12)

  • “The Poverty Rate Among Women Rose to 14.5 Percent Last Year, Up from 13.9 Percent in 2009 —the Highest Rate in 17 Years.” (The Daily Beast, 9/14/11)

  • There Are 400,000 Fewer Women Working Today Than When President Obama Signed the Failed ‘Stimulus’ Into Law, Despite His Promise that it Would Create 1.5 Million Jobs “Expected to Go to Women.” (House Ways & Means Committee, 5/11/12)

While Democrats have been busy dialing up the false rhetoric, the Republican-led House has continued to focus on helping the economy create jobs by addressing high gas pricesreining in the debt, and passing more than two dozen jobs bills - part of the Republican Plan for America’s Job Creators - that are being blocked by the Democratic-controlled Senate.  The five million American women looking for jobs – and millions more who have given up hope - deserve action on these bills, and it is up to President Obama to call on Senate Democrats to pass them.  Learn more at jobs.gop.gov.

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Common Sense Solutions to Help End Waste, Fraud & Abuse of Taxpayer Money
Posted by Press Office on May 11, 2012
Yesterday, House Republicans passed common-sense legislation to protect our troops and reduce the deficit by an additional $242.8 billion beyond the Budget Control Act, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO).  The measure replaces “devastating” defense cuts with common-sense spending reductions and reforms, including reforms that focus on stopping waste, fraud, and abuse in federal programs, eliminating government slush funds, reducing waste and duplication in government bureaucracies.  The House Majority Whip’s Office put together a great fact sheet highlighting the waste, fraud, and abuse that the GOP bill targets for elimination. Here it is below:

Fraud, Waste & Abuse in SNAP: Food Stamps For Millionaires & The State Government Strategies For Getting More Federal Money 

  • “Make Me Rich” Lottery Winner Continued To Receive Food Stamps After Becoming A Millionaire. “The attorney for an Auburn man who continues to receive state food assistance despite winning $2 million nearly one year ago says his client has done nothing illegal… ‘He did call the state (Department of Human Services),’ said John M. Wilson, the Midland attorney representing Leroy Fick. ‘Not to mention, the state knows he won. They issued the check.’” (LaNia Coleman, “Auburn Lottery Winner Continues To Receive State Aid, Authorities Say Eligibility Is Based On Federal Guidelines,” The Bay City Times, 5/17/11)

  • SNAP Program Overpaid Recipients A Total Of $1.8 Billion In 2009 Alone. “Of the total $2.19 billion in payment errors in fiscal year 2009, $1.8 billion, or about 82 percent, were overpayments. Overpayments occur when eligible persons are provided more than they are entitled to receive or when ineligible persons are provided benefits.” (Kay E. Brown, Congressional Testimony (p.6), 7/28/11)

  • Receiving A Brochure Qualifies You For Food Stamps? Apparently 35 States It Does, And They Have No Limit On Amount Of Assets A Food-Stamp Recipient Can Possess. “According to a mid-2010 report from the Government Accountability Office, 35 states have no limit on the amount of assets a food-stamp recipient can possess. More and more states -- the count was 36 at the time of the report -- are providing “categorical eligibility” for food stamps to anyone who receives welfare services. Merely getting an informational brochure from the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program counts as receiving a service. (Ramesh Ponnuru, “Why Gingrich Is Right About Food-Stamp Program,” Bloomberg News, 1/30/12)

  • A “Strategy For Getting More Federal Money”. “Another way that states and localities can get federal money flowing to them is by providing token amounts of assistance with home heating bills. Even a dollar of energy subsidies can make someone eligible for food stamps, or increase the benefit level for someone already on SNAP. (Ramesh Ponnuru, “Why Gingrich Is Right About Food-Stamp Program,” Bloomberg News, 1/30/12)

  • Washington State Hands Out $250,000 In Order To Secure $43 Million In Federal Money. “The state of Washington sent out $1 checks to the 250,000 food stamp recipients in the state.The director of the Community Services Division for the Department of Social and Health Services, Leo Ribas, says the checks mailed Feb. 17 trigger an additional $43 million in federal food benefitsState Ribas says the $1 check is a one-time move to leverage the federal money. He says next year the state will be able to trigger the federal assistance through a routine deposit in food stamp accounts.”  (“Washington Sends $1 Food Stamp Checks To 250,000,” The Associated Press, 2/23/09)

  • In The Same Year The State Of Washington Was Rewarded With $6 Million In Bonuses For Program Efficiency. In the same year that the State of Washington sent $1 checks to recipients to ensure they received SNAP benefits, the state secured approximately $6 Million in federal bonuses as a “performance bonus” for their SNAP efficiency implementation. (United States Department Of Agriculture – FY 2009 SNAP High Performance Bonuses, Accessed 5/9/10)

ObamaCare Slush Fund: Your Tax $$$ At Work – Ending Soda As We Know It & Spaying Your Neighborhood Stray Dogs

  • Full Funding For Slush Fund To Reach $2 Billion Annually After FY 2015 For “Each Fiscal Year Thereafter.”“The legislation authorizes $500 million for fiscal year (FY) 2010, then $1 billion by FY 2012, $1.5 billion in 2013, and finally, $2 billion from 2015 and ‘each fiscal year thereafter’.” (Amanda Carey, “Congress Moves To Repeal Slush Fund Used For Anti-Obesity Campaigns,” The Daily Caller, 4/5/12)

  • City Of Boston And US Health & Human Services Department Pay Boston Residents $1 Million In Federal Funds To Start Vegetable Gardens. “Mayor Thomas M. Menino showcased Boston’s efforts to bolster urban gardening in underserved communities during a visit today with US Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to The Food Project’s Urban Farm in Roxbury. He said the $1 million in federal funding that Boston will spend on gardening” initiatives over the next two years will dramatically increase affordability and access to fresh, healthy food in neighborhoods with the least access to it.” (Mayor Thomas M. Menino & Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Press Release, 7/20/12)

  • Federal Government Hails Limiting Availability Of Soda, Banning Construction Of Fast Food Restaurants and Tax Hikes On Tobacco As Successful Uses Of Federal Tax Payer Dollars. “One slide indicated the desire to establish policies that would limit the availability of sugary drinks. And in what would seem to be an endorsement for a soda tax, the slide included the suggestion of “changing relative prices” as a way to restrict intake of sugary drinks. Ads by GoogleOn another slide, a California town that banned the construction of new fast food restaurants is hailed as an “early success” of the program. (Amanda Carey, “Congress Moves To Repeal Slush Fund Used For Anti-Obesity Campaigns,” The Daily Caller, 4/5/12)

  • ObamaCare Slush Fund Money Being Use To Spay Stray Dogs And Cats – Counts As An Anti-Obesity Campaign. “A controversial anti-obesity “slush fund” under Obamacare was used in Nashville, Tennessee to spay dogs and cats. The reasoning: stray dogs scare people from exercising outdoors. The Nashville health department issued a press release last year that told residents in one neighborhood that they could get free pet spaying, neutering, rabies shots and other services as part of $7.5 million grant from the Communities Putting Prevention to Work, which is part of the Public Health and Prevention Fund that will soar to $2 billion in 2015 under Obamacare. The program was initially funded by the Obama stimulus initiative. (Paul Bedard, “Obama Anti-Obesity “Slush Fund” Paid For Pet Spaying,” The Washington Examiner, 5/1/12) 

Fraud & Abuse In Child Refundable Child Tax Credit: Non-US Citizens Scheming Tax Code For Billions Every Year 

  • Non-US Citizens Qualify For Child Refundable Tax Credit -- $1,000 Per Child. “Each spring, at tax preparation offices all across the nation, many illegal immigrants are now eagerly filing tax returns to take advantage of a tax loophole, using their ITIN numbers to get huge refunds from the IRS. The loophole is called the Additional Child Tax Credit. It's a fully-refundable credit of up to $1000 per child, and it's meant to help working families who have children living at home.” (Bob Segall, “Tax Loophole Costs Billions,” NBC-13 Indianapolis, 4/30/12)

  • Whistle Blower Says He’s Seen 10-12 Dependents Listed At A Time. “‘We've seen sometimes 10 or 12 dependents, most times nieces and nephews, on these tax forms,’ the whistleblower told Eyewitness News. "The more you put on there, the more you get back.’ The whistleblower has thousands of examples, and he brought some of them to 13 Investigates.” (Bob Segall, “Tax Loophole Costs Billions,” NBC-13 Indianapolis, 4/30/12)

  • Internal Revenue Service Inspector General: “The Magnitude of The Problem Has Grown… IRS Has Known About Problem For Years. "The magnitude of the problem has grown exponentially," said Russell George, the United States Department of Treasury's Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA). And he says the IRS has known about the problem for years. (Bob Segall, “Tax Loophole Costs Billions,” NBC-13 Indianapolis, 4/30/12)

  • IRS Inspector General Investigation Finds Non-US Citizens Receiving $4.2 Billion Annually. “In 2009, his office released an audit report that showed ITIN tax filers received about $1 billion in additional child tax credits. Last year, the inspector general released a new report showing the problem now costs American tax payers more than $4.2 billion.” (Bob Segall, “Tax Loophole Costs Billions,” NBC-13 Indianapolis, 4/30/12) 

WASTE: A $75 Billion Housing Bailout Fund That Even Administration Officials Say Has Failed

  • Treasury Inspector General Blasts Administration In Audit Of The $75 Billion Program. “The Obama administration's program to help struggling homeowners avoid foreclosure has posted "disappointing results" in part because its definition of success is "essentially meaningless," a watchdog said today in a new report obtained by ABC News. In his audit on the administration's $75 billion Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP), bailout watchdog Neil Barofsky blasted the Treasury Department for he said were the shortcomings of the program.” (Matthew Jaffe, “Mortgage Modification Program's Definition of Success Called 'Essentially Meaningless,” ABC News, 3/23/10)

  • GAO Report: HAMP Not Working. “The program had a slow start and has not performed as anticipated. While Treasury has added TARP funded housing program enhancements in an effort to reach more borrowers and address persistently high default and foreclosure levels, the newly announced programs have had very limited activity to date and Treasury continues to face challenges in expeditiously implementing a prudent design for these programs, as GAO recommended in a June 2010 report. Treasury has not yet fully implemented.” (GAO Report, “Status of Programs and Implementation of GAO Recommendations,” 1/11)

  • Put Simply – HAMP Has Failed Completely. “If you measure success by the housing market, Hamp has failed miserably. According to RealtyTrac, 2.9 million homes received foreclosure filings in 2010, up from 2.8 million in 2009 and 2.3 million in 2008. The bellwether Case-Shiller home price index is falling again. Hamp is one more artificial prop to a housing market that will recover faster if foreclosures are allowed to proceed more rapidly and the homes are resold. By all means give Hamp the hook. (Editorial, “Giving Hamp The Hook,” The Wall Street Journal2/7/11)

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