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Congressman Boehner on CNBC: “The President Is Not Leading” on Economic Growth, Job Creation, & Our Skyrocketing Debt
Posted by Press Office on May 08, 2012
In an interview with CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo today, Congressman Boehner discussed the major roadblocks to economic growth and job creation that define the Obama economy, saying the president has failed to lead on addressing the skyrocketing debt, and refusing to engage with Congress to help enact nearly 30 House-passed jobs bills that have been blocked by Senate Democrats.  Following are video and excerpts from the interview:

On the Need to Rein in the Skyrocketing Debt & Deficits to Boost Economic Growth:

“Well, it has to happen or the financial markets will do it for us in terms of downgrading our debt. And I actually think, regardless of what happens in the election, the next couple of years are going to be the most consequential couple of years that we’ve seen in Washington in the last 50 because we’ve got this debt issue that we’re dealing with really acting like a wet blanket over our entire economy. We’ve got a budget deficit that is unsustainable. And we’ve got entitlement programs that are important tens of millions of Americans that aren’t going to exist if we don’t fix them.”

On the Need for President Obama to Lead on Passing a Responsible Budget:

“Well, the House has passed its budget each of the last three years. It’s the Senate that’s been unable to produce a budget. And without a budget from the Senate, there’s no way to actually have an agreement on how to move forward. And while the president is out campaigning, Rome is burning to the ground. The president needs to get engaged in this process, also. Because if the president were involved in leading, we might actually have a budget out of the Senate, we might be able to come to an agreement on how to begin to address these big problems. …

“And I look back over the last year and a half, one of my greatest disappointments is that the president and I were unable to come to an agreement to take a significant chunk out of our long-term debt. It is a real concern, and it’s a real problem. But you can’t address these problems from Congress alone. You need a president who will lead, and the president’s not leading.”

On the Need to Address Major Drivers of Debt & Preserve Health & Retirement Security:

“We can’t cut our way to prosperity, nor can we just simply grow our way out of this problem.  We need to take real steps to control spending and we need real economic growth.  We have to have both if we’re going to skirt our way through this problem. …

“We’ve got 10,000 baby boomers retiring every single day. That’s 70,000 people a week. That’s three and a half million people a year. And this is just the beginning of the retirement for baby boomers. So, for the next 20 years, we’ve got a lot of people retiring. And it’s not like there’s money in the Social Security Trust Fund or the Medicare Trust Fund. It’s all been spent. And the whipsaw effect we’re going to have on our budget is going to be tremendous. These programs aren’t sustainable in their current form. We need to make adjustments, and we need to have real controls on spending.”

On the Need for Pro-Growth Tax Reform to Create a Better Environment for Private-Sector Job Creation:

“First, on the economic growth side, I think our tax code gets in the way of our ability to grow.  I think that we need to overhaul both the corporate tax code and the personal tax code.  If you look at our budget, we’d like to see a top rate of 25 percent and get rid of all the special loopholes and the underbrush in order to bring those rates down and simplify our tax code.  At the same time, that will also broaden the tax code in terms of the number of Americans paying income taxes to our government.”

On the Need to Stop the Onslaught of Red Tape Coming Out of Democrat-Controlled Washington:

“Second step, we’ve got to stop the regulatory nightmare coming out of the administration.  Every agency downtown here in Washington is in full mode - whether it’s the EPA, whether it’s Dodd-Frank financial rules, ObamaCare.  You go down the list. These regulations are strangling our ability to grow our economy and strangling the ability of employers to hire more people. …

“I used to be a small employer.  If I saw conditions like this, I’d be hoarding cash and sitting on my hands. And that’s exactly what business people here in the United States are doing.  We need to reduce the uncertainty.  How do you do that?  Deal with the tax code, deal with the debt, and stop the regulatory onslaught coming out of the administration.”

On the Need for Senate Dems to Act on House-Passed Jobs Bills & Work with Republicans to Prevent a Tax Hike on Small Business Job Creators:

“Now, the House is prepared to act.  We’ve already passed 30 jobs bills out of the House that are sitting in the United States Senate.  The House is going to act to extend the current tax rates. … It’s time for the United States Senate to do their work. Otherwise, we’re going to have this mess all stacked up until after the election.  And, you want to talk about a train wreck? You’re talking about a big one. … Until the Senate acts, it’s hard to determine how do we deal with this. ...

“The House has done its work consistently over the last year and a half.  All these bills are sitting in the United States Senate.  The Congress can’t function if one half of it doesn’t do its job.  All I can speak for is the House.  We are going to do our work.  We’re going to extend these tax rates.  We’re going to take responsible actions and hope that the other body will move quickly.”

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#SOTUGOP: House Republicans Host Digital Fact Check & Social Q&A on GOP.gov/SOTU
Posted by Press Office on January 23, 2012
House Republicans are hosting a digital fact check and social Q&A GOP.gov/SOTU in response to President Obama’s State of the Union (SOTU) message tomorrow night. Here’s what we have in store and how you can participate:
  • ASK A QUESTION: Starting now, ask your question to House Republicans about the SOTU, GOP plan for jobs, and other key issues on GOP.gov/SOTU or on Twitter using the #SOTUGOP hash tag. Republicans will be responding to questions online after the SOTU and GOP address.

  • DIGITAL FACT CHECK: Tomorrow at 9:00 PM ET, you can watch President Obama’s State of the Union live online at GOP.gov/SOTU. Throughout the address, visitors to the site will have access to real-time fact checks, Tweets, and Facebook posts from House Republicans, and more information about the GOP jobs plan.

  • GOP ADDRESS: Immediately following the president’s State of the Union, we will live stream the Republican Address to the Nation by Governor Mitch Daniels (IN) online at GOP.gov/SOTU.

  • SOCIAL Q&A: After the GOP address, stay tuned on GOP.gov/SOTU as House Republicans answer your questions. You can watch the responses there, on Twitter using #SOTUGOP, and throughout House Republicans’ YouTube, Facebook, and other digital channels.

Republicans will be talking about House-passed bills that would create a better environment for private-sector job growth, and highlighting how the president’s policies have only made our economy worse.

Click here to add tomorrow’s event to your calendar, and if you haven’t already, check out our promo video for GOP.gov/SOTU and share it with your friends. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Boehner Encouraging Success in Joint Committee: “There is no one that is going to try harder to get this accomplished than me.”
Posted by Press Office on November 15, 2011

Today, Congressman Boehner called in to Brian Thomas’ Morning Show on Cincinnati’s 55 KRC-AM to discuss Congressional Republicans’ efforts to find common ground with House and Senate Democrats in discussions to address Washington’s out-of-control spending and job-crushing debt.  Boehner reiterated his hope that the bipartisan Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction will come to an agreement that will encourage a better environment for private-sector job growth by stopping Washington’s spending binge, addressing our growing debt, reforming unsustainable entitlement programs, and fixing the tax code.  

Boehner warned that it is time for Congress to “get our job done” and come to an agreement now “on how we are going to take the next stop to solve our debt and deficit problems.” 

Listen to Rep. Boehner and Brian Thomas here:

Boehner on Encouraging the Joint Committee to Reach an Agreement to Address our $14 Trillion Debt:

“If it were easy, Congress over the last two decades would have dealt with this problem instead of kicking the can down the road.  The fact is that it’s hard to get two groups of people, who have two very different ideas about what the size and scope of the federal government should be, to come to an agreement.  I can tell you that the 12 members, Democrats and Republicans - from the House and the Senate - have worked very diligently trying to come to an agreement but they’re not there yet. I expect I will be having conversations with them again today to try to push this peanut up the mountain with our nose.”

Boehner on Finding Common Ground to Reform the Tax Code and Fix Unsustainable Entitlement Programs:

“Well [Democratic leaders] do want revenue and we think if we were reform our tax code – both the business tax code and personal tax code – and bring rates down, and clear out all the exemptions and garbage, that we can create more economic growth and put more revenue on the table.  Republicans are willing to do that.  But we aren’t going to do that unless the Democrats are willing to work with us on meaningful changes to our entitlement programs to make sure they are sustainable for the long term.”

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GOP Budget Will Protect & Preserve Medicare for Current & Future Generations
Posted by Press Office on April 29, 2011
All across the country, Republicans are engaging their constituents about the GOP budget that will help boost our economy and create new jobs, lift the crushing burden of debt that threatens our future, and preserve critical health and retirement programs for America’s seniors.

While Democrats have made false claims about the GOP plan, their strategy to scare senior citizens isn’t working.  Republicans were ready to engage their constituents during this two-week district work period and ready to answer questions about our plan.  In fact, when Republicans explain how our plan preserves and protects Medicare, the response has been favorable.  For example:

  • A new national survey by Gallup says “[p]luralities of middle-aged Americans as well as those 65 and older prefer Ryan's plan to Obama’s,” with seniors preferring the GOP plan by a 48-42 margin.
  • A CBS/New York Times poll recently found that when asked whether “Medicare should be changed from a program in which the government pays doctors and hospitals for treating seniors to a program in which the government helps seniors purchase private health insurance,” 47 percent say yes, 41 percent say no.

Under the GOP plan, there will be no changes and no disruptions to benefits for Americans over the age of 55, and future beneficiaries will have access to the same kinds of options as Members of Congress.  The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel tells the story of a Wisconsin townhall where Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) explained the facts about the GOP plan to his constituents:

“Several at the Oak Creek meeting said they were confused about Medicare and whether it would end under Ryan's plan. Ryan set them straight, explaining that his proposed changes to Medicare would affect those under 55. He said his intent was to preserve the program, which otherwise is expected to be insolvent in nine years.

“‘We need to reform it for the next generation to preserve it,’ Ryan said, adding the reformed plan would work like Medicare Part D, the prescription drug plan that encourages competition for the best rates.

“Tanya Soich of Franklin said she attended sessions in both Franklin and Oak Creek because she wanted to make sure she understood Ryan's position on Medicare. Her mother-in-law was concerned it would end, she said.

“‘Now I can have the confidence to tell her that she's taken care of, as well as my children,’ said Soich.

In contrast, the facts show that the President’s plan will ultimately guarantee deep and painful Medicare cuts for seniors:

  • The President’s budget does nothing, guaranteeing benefit cuts for seniors. FactCheck.org reported that “if nothing is done, when those trust funds are exhausted, benefits would have to be cut by 22 percent in 2037, and more each year after that, according to the most recent report of the system’s trustees. By 2084, the system will generate only enough revenue to pay for 75 percent of promised benefit levels.”
  • The president would also rely on the IPAB – an unelected “rationing board” – to force hundreds of billions of dollars in cuts in addition to the hundreds of billions in Medicare cuts Democrats used to finance ObamaCare. The Wall Street Journal says this will lead to “the political rationing of care for the elderly, as now occurs in Britain,” and many doctors and hospitals may “drop out of Medicare” altogether.

For more details on the GOP plan to protect and preserve Medicare, please visit http://budget.house.gov/fy2012budget/ today.

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President Obama’s Failure to Address Debt Crisis Would Guarantee Benefit Cuts for Seniors
Posted by Press Office on March 22, 2011

President Obama's congressional campaign arm is out today accusing Republicans of proposing  “radical benefit cuts” to programs like Social Security when - in fact - it is the president's own budget that by doing nothing would lead to “radical benefit cuts” for seniors and future retirees, while piling more debt onto the backs of our kids and grandkids.

Is this President Obama's idea of an “adult conversation?” Consider:

President Obama's budget proposal fails to address our job-crushing debt-crisis and ignores the need to protect entitlement programs for future generations...

  • “The president wants us to believe that the way he is going to fix the most pressing problem facing the nation is -- presto -- to do nothing about it!” (Not-so-tough choices: Behind Bam's budget punt, New York Post, 2/16/11)

But doing nothing to protect and preserve America's biggest entitlement programs will itself lead to automatic benefit cuts for seniors and future retirees...

  • “...if we dither long enough, ultimately we will indeed face the threat of benefits being 'slashed' by a full 22%, according to last year's Social Security Trustees' report. It's not a reformed Social Security system that threatens to cut benefits, but the status quo—and our elected leaders would do well to acknowledge this reality.” (Nobody Is Proposing to 'Slash' Social Security Benefits, Wall Street Journal, 2/3/11)
  • “...keep in mind, if nothing is done, when those trust funds are exhausted, benefits would have to be cut by 22 percent in 2037, and more each year after that, according to the most recent report of the system’s trustees. By 2084, the system will generate only enough revenue to pay for 75 percent of promised benefit levels.” (Democrats Deny Social Security’s Red Ink, FactCheck.org, 2/25/11)
  • “The drastic reductions in Medicare reimbursements under ObamaCare will create havoc and chaos in health care for seniors. ... [S]eniors are not going to get the health services, treatment and care they expect.” (How ObamaCare Guts Medicare, Wall Street Journal, 9/9/10)

At a time when Washington is already borrowing 42 cents for every dollar it spends, Politico reports that “[e]ighty-one percent of those surveyed for a Washington Post-ABC News poll... said they think that if no changes are made to Social Security, the program will be in trouble.” And they're right.

So while the president's political arm pitches misleading attacks and the White House pushes a status quo budget plan that would guarantee future benefit cuts, House Republicans have pledged to lead where the president has failed and introduce a budget that addresses our job-crushing debt crisis. Failing to address our debt crisis means more uncertainty for our small businesses who create jobs, and more uncertainty for every American who counts on programs like Medicare and Medicaid.  Without a real plan to protect these programs, they simply won’t be there for future generations.  And that’s unacceptable.

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Boehner Meets with Delphi Salaried Retirees, Pledges to Continue Efforts to Force Obama Administration to Come Clean on its Role in Unequal Treatment
Posted by Press Office on September 09, 2010

It’s been more than a year and a half since an “unusual arrangement” gave special treatment to union retirees of bankrupt Delphi Corporation.  Still, despite numerous Congressional inquiries, the Obama Administration refuses to answer questions about its role in the process that led government-owned General Motors – the recipient of more than $60 billion in taxpayer bailout funds – to pick up the pensions of union retirees in full while salaried retirees were left to face a loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars in expected benefits.

In a meeting in his West Chester office yesterday, Congressman John Boehner (R-West Chester) assured representatives of the Delphi Salaried Retirees Association that he will continue to work to get the answers the salaried retirees – and American taxpayers – deserve.


Congressman Boehner greets members of the Delphi Salaried Retirees Association in his West Chester office.  More than 20,000 salaried retirees – including hundreds who call Ohio’s Eighth Congressional District home – have still not received answers from the Obama Administration as to why they were unfairly treated in Delphi’s bankruptcy proceedings.

Over the past year and a half, Boehner has helped lead the efforts in Congress to shine a light on the government’s handling of the process.  Most recently, Boehner and Senator Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) requested that the independent, non-partisan Government Accountability Office conduct an investigation into the issue.  In a statement following the official request, Boehner said the following:

Neither GM nor the Automotive Task Force has provided a full explanation about why some Delphi pension obligations will be met by GM while the salaried retirees are not made whole.  Was this yet another decision by the Obama administration to reward union bosses and liberal special interests?  Tens of thousands of affected families, and all American taxpayers, deserve answers.

The GAO’s findings are expected sometime at the beginning of the next year.  In the meantime, House Republicans are offering a number of common-sense solutions right now to cut down on government meddling in the private sector and help put Americans back to work.  These Boehner-backed proposals include a plan to end the bailouts and get the government out of the business of running private business once and for all, and a ‘no-cost jobs plan’ to boost our economy and help manufacturers and small businesses start hiring again.  To read more, click here.

Read More:

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